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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Master RPLAL list for 2012

Notice the new header.  That is a hint of some of the future RPLAL that will happen this year.  I see January, February, June, October and  November and just some I am doing for me and not the tutorials.  There are others for those months that I have not shown yet but the entire year is planned. I may add more as the year goes on but this is how i t stands so far.
2012 blog header

I am hoping having this be the first post of the first month in 2012 will make it easy for people to find it for future reference.

This is the main post for the series of tutorial I will be doing all year long.  I will update it after every new post and add the links.  And there will be photos added so you can have a visual reference on the right side of the post of what each project looks like.
  1. RPL: Romanian Point Lace
  2. RPLAL:  Romanian Point Lace along meaning a lot of people are working on this at the same time and there are forums to ask your questions on as well as here
  3. solid: no fabric in the middle all filling stitches and cord.
  4. tile:  means it is square probably and will work well for making larger items by making many of them and tiling them together like granny squares

If I do not write solid on a doily it means it has a fabric center for you to embroider on and I will not be going over that area as that is for you to decide what you want to do there.  Here is the list for the next 12 months and what will be taught.

Previous tutorials that might be useful during the year
  1. making cord video
  2. single and long chain rings
  3. 3 ring groupings
  4. transferring pattern
  5. basting
  6. Unraveling cord and sewing to another cord
  7. joining ends of cords together video
  8.  removing lace from pattern  video ( sorry both my phone and door bell rang during it
  9. removing basting threads from lace video
Groups to help you on the way

  • Ravelry group  ( this is where the RPLAL are actually being hosted with questions and answers) 
  • Flicker Group where most of these photos and other peoples photos are hosted great eye candy
here is 2011 master list (I know it was only one month but there is useful information there)

List of basic supplies needed for these
  • size 10 thread for cord
  • rubber bands to wrap around cord while making it to help keep it from tangling
  • knitters safety pin to put through the last stitch on cord when not working on it so it doesn't pull out
  • size 5 thru size 10 crochet hook which ever works best for you to make the cord with  ( it all depends on your tension)
    •  here is what I use but use what works best for you  (I like my cords tight and very neat and with out as much stretch as the size 5 gives)
      • size 10 hook with size 10 thread
      • size 12 hook with size 20 thread
      • size 14 hook with size 30 thread
      • size 16 hook ( special order these from Lacis in Berkly they are handmade) for threads small than size 30
  • muslin for the pattern to be transferred too
  • tapestry needle for filling stitches
  • sharp sewing needle for basting 
  • sewing thread for basting
  • cabone rings if you are doing one with rings if not never mind
  • can fill with any of the following size 10 , 20 or 30 crochet thread you can actually fill with what ever size thread you want these are just the usual
  • patterns down-loadable from this post ( look below for the words "download now")
  • embroidery hoop if you use such things (bigger than the pattern)
  • clear contact paper to cover pattern if you still want ridged but don't want to use a hoop 
  • thimble if you are use to using such a thing in your embroidery 
  • scissors 
Cords on my blog
  1. basic cord unravels two directions
    1. 100's of yards of cord
  2. 6 alternate cords 
    1.  6 romanian cord patterns
  3. wheat stitch cord 
    2. cord

December 2011
  1. holly berry ornaments patterns
  2. treeIMG_9302hair decoration
    2.  download now

      1. part 1
      2. part 2
      3. part 3


Download patterns in this master post of 2011 plus other valuable info on the groups
  1. round doily 
  2. finished
    1.  (open or solid  your choice) download now
    1. picture tutorial
    2. video tutorials
      1. Part 1: fagoting for a crescent shape also my 1500 post
      2. Part 2: filling for a leaf
      3. Part 3: center filling stitches similar to English Whirl but not the exact same
  3. shamrock doily square 
    1. (solid)(tile) 
    2. download now
  4. flower doily square 
    1.   (solid)(tile) 
    2. download now
  1.  3 ornaments 
finished off patternfinished

    1.  download now
    1.  Part 1: Download pattern page 
      1. cupid ornament
        1. fagotting
        2. solid filling stitch
        3. open filling stitch same as 2 just more space
      2. heart ornament
        1. Part 3 from january  this is used for the top part of the heart as a filling stitch: center filling stitches similar to English Whirl but not the exact same
        2. leaf filling 1
        3. leaf filling 2
        4. inside filling of heart
        5. revisiting this pattern
      3. fancy heart ornament 
        1. fagoting
        2. single bars
        3. leaf filling
        4. radial boarders 
        5. 2 out of three done
This last pattern above pulled from the large doily below this month just to show you can modify things to fit your needs not what the pattern dictates.  Also all three ornaments are a one pattern download.
  1. large doily
  2. doiley pattern for valentines
    1.   (Solid)(tile) 
    2. download now
    3. Part 1: Download pattern page
    4. see fancy heart ornament above for the filling stitches

  1. collar for baby to adult
  2. march collarsecond half of march collar
    1. preview of collar 
    2. pattern with in for of how pattern works(Make sure you download both pieces of the pattern left and right side.)download now
    3. Collar pattern Download
  3. 3 from another site Easter eggs please go tot he other site for these see links below
    1. Number 1 egg
    2. Number 2 egg
    3. number 3 egg
April 1

All the patterns this month are in honor of my mother-in-law as her favorite flower was the pans.  For the month of April all the tutorials and links to tutorials are in one post.
april pansy doily
  1. large pansy edged doily in honor of my dearly loved mother in law who is in heaven one of her favorite flowers 20 rings, 16 yards of cord 4 copies of pattern needed (tile if you want too open center)
    1. pattern preview  on blog 
    2. Download pattern download now
    3. basting
  2. pansy collar : can close in front, or over shoulder or in the back each gives a little different look to the collar can were just as a color or can be used as the yoke of a sweater, 10 crocheted rings, 3 buttons, 8-10 yards of cord
    1. Download pattern download now
    2. April collar buttons down back
  3. pansy brooch : less than 1 yard of cord is needed but you should use a crocheted rickrack cord for the outer part of the leaves, 2 rings, and you will need a pin back to sew to the back of this to be able to wear it
  4. removed from pattern

    1.  download download now
    2. pattern page with tutorials too
May  this is a 2 part pattern make sure you download part 1 and 2 collar for mother's day
large collar in rpl

  1. pattern 
  2. pattern page on blog
fleur de lis
  1. small square doily (solid) (tile) 
  2. blog page
  3. download now

front as a doily
  1. large round  doily  cloth center or needle filled can also be used at a collar if left open
  2. blog page 
  3. download now
  4. pattern on paper page clear contact paper and basting
  5. completion of basting weaving in ends
  6. fagoting filling progress
  7. more filling stitches
  8. video

August RPLAL
  1. medium square doily 
  2. pattern page on blog
  3.  download now
  4. post on progress
scroll doily september RPLA
  1. large round doily 
  2. post on blog
  3. pdf 
pumkins jack o' lantern October RPLA
  1. small pumpkin doily 
    1. I will explain how it can be also be used as a peter pan style collar for shirt/dress/ sweater
    2. as a round collar for shirt/dress/ sweater
    3. and as a yoke to a child's crochet dress  (toddler dress)
    4. and as a sewn on as an applique type yoke that is like cut-work  on a child's dress 
    5. pdf 
    6. post on blog
Video help for this project
  1. fagoting for a crescent shape from January
I am hoping this lesson will show how one pattern can be modified to meet a persons needs and doesn't have to be as originally designed make things your own after all you have to live with them not me.
  1. solid square doily (solid)(tile)
  2. grape vine curtain 
    1. can be used as a curtain if you make two of them 
    2. as the opposite ends of a long runner for the holidays
    3. or the hem of an apron)
  1. Collar 
  2. yoke (can also be used with the collar above if you want to make it a waist decoration on a dress)
  3. (and a few more from another person not sure how many she will be teaching yet but I think she will be hosting on youtube: I think ornaments but she is free to change her mind)

Once again as items get posted to my blog for this I will update this post with links to all the RPLAL for the year and their tutorials

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  1. Wow, your gonna be one busy bunny this year. Don't worry I will be following you on your mission.


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