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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Commuter lace continued

So here is more lace that my daughter and I have been working on.
This pink one is number 7 out of the 111 edgings in the book
# 7 lace I am making
This cream one is the one my daughter is making and it is number 8 in the book.
#8 lace my daughter is making
yards and yards of lace
Both of the above laces are size 10 thread; the one before is vintage size 3o thread and it is pattern number 107 in the book.
#107 lace I am making size 30 thread
As for the yellow lace I was making, it is done and there is a little over seven yards, as stated before. But to show what seven yards of this wide lace looks like, I wrapped up my oldest daughter in it; she is your typical 10-year old lace mummy (like there is such a thing). This is also the same daughter who made the cream lace above.
lace mummy

halloween Yoyos and new tools

My friend buttercup who lives in Japan sent me these new yoyo tools. My kids just love these tools they really help little kids who do not have the coordination to do it on their own yet. I still like the old way but it is useful to have these for my kids. I do have to admit the flowers are easier to make on the tool than by hand. It was so much fun getting this in the mail and looking at all the Japanese newspapers that it was wrapped in.
gift from buttercup except blue I bought
I put a sample of a yoyo with coins for a reference for those of you who want to know how big the yoyos are with the big jumbo yoyo maker.
jumbo yoyo tool and you and reference of size with coins

All these yoyos are for the Halloween yoyo quilt I started last year. I have been making these while commuting lately. Don't think I have given up on the lace yet as I am still doing it too finished seven yards of the yellow now on to a few more laces will post latter.
yoyos made by me using standard cd as template

I think I will add the yoyos my daughter made (pictured below) to the edge when I am done to give it a sort of scalloped feel. She has 39 made and enough fabric to make 80 total.
jumbo yoyos made by my daughter

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Touch of Fall

The fall flowers are starting to come into the shop. This is a nice change for the florist because we get tired of working with the same colors for months on end. Spring = pastels; summer= brights; fall = warm colors; winter = red, white, green, and icky pine sap on everything. We haven't totally switched to all fall colors, yet, but it is close.

We had a large funeral Friday, and most of these are from that.

funeral for a woman
funeral for a man
These are actually two differnt arrangements, but the people asked for the same type of flowers and style.
get well

Thursday, August 28, 2008

sights I see..

These are things that I see almost every day on my commute:
Timpanogoes Temple (LDS temple).

Kinda hidden by weeds lately, but still cool, is this carved rose and other carved items such as corn and people all on this one farm that each Halloween has a corn maze.imgp8321
giant carved ear of corn from tree trunk
giant caved man from tree
On a side note, I will act as TA today in the classes I will be subbing for next week. I hope this turns into a career, and not just a temp job.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a weekend

So Friday I got off of work an hour early and walked to my sister-in-law's who watches my children. There we had dinner and waited for my husband to arrive so we could spend the entire night driving to California to go to a family reunion. We left at 6 pm Utah time and arrived 3 am California time. Got to see family and had fun Saturday at the reunion that started at 10 am and was over by 3 pm.
my sister and my daughters
family reunion kids saying prayer
We went back to my va vo's where we all watched Spiderwick, except me -- I took a nap. Then that night we went to bed, got up, visited with my grandmother and sisters 'till noon ,and tried to drive home to Utah. The reason I say tried is we got a flat in the Mojave dessert in California and almost another near Nephi, Utah, in the dark.
flat in mojave
view while fixing flat

We stopped at Sunshine gas to make sure no second flat tire. Just had to take a photo of the name of the gas station, thought it was such a cool name (wink wink)! Don't ask me why large chunks of wood are in the middle of a freeway, I don't get it. We got home at 2 am Utah time.
Saw a double rainbow in the middle of Nevada during 108 degree weather.
rainbow in 108 temp in nevada
The reason for the real quick trip was that my children started school Monday, and we had to get up at 5 am to start our day. It is the first time all three of them have been at the same school. It is nice to have one drop-off time and one pick-up time, not two and three like last year.

Also on the trip to California, I received a phone call from my children's vice principle saying that the art teacher job is open again and they need a sub 'till they find a teacher, and do I want to be a sub, and am I still interested in the job? Cross your fingers and pray because I still want this job. It would be so nice to teach my two youngest daughters in school, and to have the same holidays as they do, which doesn't happen working at a flower shop.

The picture of the girls in front of a cannon is at school; one of the teachers made it then fired it off to celebrate the start of a new school year after their morning Devotional and Pledge of Allegiance. If you notice the white building in the left of the picture, that is the Latter-Day Saint Temple that faces my kids' school. So pretty to see every morning.

first day of school
first day of school in school rotunda

Thursday, August 21, 2008

just saying hi

I have been getting my kids ready for school. Going through clothes, parent meetings, meet-the-teacher, back-to-school shopping, getting the car fixed (don't ask, bad vibes there) and things of that sort. Sorry I haven't been in much as of late. Still crafting and making yoyo's and crocheting and all that craziness.

Here are two floral arrangements to boot.


I forgot to post the other day that I have been given a blog award. So here it is. It was awarded to me by punamjr. I just wanted to say "Thank You. That was very kind of you." I wish I was doing more tutorials lately. I like making them, just haven't had as much home time as I used to. This is what was said about me in the award post.

" Wendy for her arty-crafty picture blog that
can take care of anybody's free moments
with easy DIY instructions."
Take care and thank you,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Praying-mantis and flowers

I went to pull off this picture of a praying-mantis from my phone this morning and found other floral pictures I had forgotten from a little while back. You know, the funny thing about having all little girls is you would expect them to not like bugs. Well, this is the butterfly girl, or maybe I should call her the bug girl, because she is always catching rolly pollies, caterpillars and other such creatures. Remember the post a few days ago (a caterpiller) and yesterday a praying-mantis. Not even the least bit afraid of bugs, and this was a good-size one. I mean, look at those dimples; she was so proud to show me and have me take a picture with my phone. Yep, no squeamish little girl here with this type of bug. Now have a fly or bee buzz her, she will freak out! Go figure.

Floral from the past on my razr:
May 01 08
June 09 08

Saturday, August 16, 2008

After work, camping

So Friday I went to work still not feeling the best but there and working. I made this one; it is similar to one I posted before.
sunflower topiary
That night we planned to go camping with our church group. The kids where excited, I knew I would still not feel too good, but I was happy to go, all the same. The first thing my littlest daughter found was a friend to play with. This seemed to be a big hit with the under-seven group of children in the families; they followed her around all night till she set them free. I felt so bad for the little guy, she wasn't hurting him, mind you, but I am sure he must have been starving so I told her she had to let him be free. She was sad but wanted the caterpillar happy so she let it go.
fuzzy friend for a day
The next morning I felt a little better and watched the kids cook s'mores after breakfast; should have taken photos, it was pretty funny. I crocheted some on my yellow variegated lace; boy, that is taking forever -- more thread than I thought in all those balls. But it will be fun to have so much yardage out of vintage thread.

We packed up to go home a little before lunch time. Boy did my kids look like little raga muffins before we left, but they had fun.

My husband did some mountain biking that morning, too. It was good to be out even if I wasn't totally up to speed of socializing the night before. Once our tent was up I went straight to bed but, like I said earlier, I felt a little better in the morning.

We had gone up Provo canyon to Squaw Peak, and on the way down I took some photos of the flowers and views around; it was a lovely day.
wild flowers
wild flowers
wild flowers
Interesting to think in a matter of weeks this will all be in autumn colors.
This is looking down Rock Canyon to Utah Lake.
from squaw peek looking down rock canyon
This was just a pretty meadow I took a picture of. You can see Happy Valley, opps I meant Utah County (local nick name for the valley), in the background. Another angle of the same meadow.

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