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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas trees

We have not set up a real big Christmas tree in years due to downsizing in homes but not possessions.  This year we got to set up two tree my kids are so excited to do this.  Both these trees are at my sister in laws house.  Which is where we will be spending this Christmas. 
The first one to go up my children decorated with items their great grandmother made years ago before her passing. This was an eclectic tree but full of so much love and joy for my children.  My children had fun going through the kissing balls and putting them on the tree. Kissing balls which is what my grandmother called these ornaments.  They were originally meant to hang in doorways with mistletoe on them so those passing underneath would have to kiss.
The second tree is the one my sister in law sets up upstairs.  It is a lovely tree full of gold and red more in keeping with how I like to decorate trees.  It usually takes them a week to set up Christmas but with three teens supper excited to decorate a tree took only a few hours.

Friday, November 25, 2016

knitting a shawl with beads

It snowed here in Utah over thanksgiving.  The snow and Christmas coming up made me want to knit something that reminded me of both.  So I started knitting this shawl with size 10 thread in white  and size six seed beads in red size 1 knitting needles.  I know it is not anything fancy but I just have not made anything in so long just to make something I was going a tad stir-crazy.

I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving with family.   We celebrated a little one this year with just my immediate family.   It was nice to have food we liked and not what others liked it was quiet sweet and nice.   My youngest daughter got into the act of cooking.   She loves to cook and this was her chance.  I made the ham and she and her sisters made the rest from scratch.

In other fun stuff my middle daughter is learning the ukulele.  Her older sister is helping her to learn how

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Silhouette

My oldest just got back from Disneyland where she was a nanny for a family for a week.

She kept a tradition alive of getting a silhouette while there.  Best gift ever.

Thank you China Khoral in real life she works as a sound editor she has her own IMDB page  Please check it out.  She earned it at the age of 17 she is nearing 19 years old now.   She goes to the same collage I do, nice to be able to spend time with her.  I guess most would think it weird to go to collage with your kid but actually seems sort of normal.  I think she will go far in life she has a great start.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beads for a wedding

My family has been helping my sister in law with some wedding stuff.

My daughter is helping her aunt with some special wedding items.  My sis-in-law had a necklace and only one earing that went with it, the other was lost long ago when mom was alive and owned the set.  This set was from my mother in law my sister in laws mom of course so it is sentimental and special to her since mom is in heaven watching over all of us.  So we wanted to do it and the people it represents honor and use it at the wedding... all of it.

My daughter cut apart the original earing before I could take a photo of it.  But I have this photo that my sister in law sent when we originally discussed this idea and it shows the necklace too she will be wearing at her wedding.

supplies used
  • seed beads
    • gold 
    • off white silver lined
  •  bugle beads
    • curved gold arched metal
    • glass cut glass-gold
  • mother of pearl
  • 2 hair combs
  • 2 clip on ear-ring backs
  • 1 steam of rhinestones found in wedding area of hobby lobby we cut it apart for parts
  • gold wire
  • beading tools... wire cutters needle nose pliers and so on
  • silk florist corsage leaves
  • wood skewer for final flower made
  • floral tape
  •  jump rings
  • beads from the one original ear-ring 9 discs one roundish central bead

So my middle daughter Azure set to work dismantling the one earing so she could make a set of ear-rings two hair pieces and with the left over three pieces from the earring she made a flower her aunt could keep as a memento.

My daughter made two hair combs one with some of the original beads for the central flower and then she made a second comb that had no beads from the original hair clip but was a compliment to the first hair comb.

Next she made two ear-rings we still had to get earing clip backs when this photo was taken.  She made them into drops with the original beads as the dangle.  She could have made the ear-rings with two dangles each but it was starting to feel a little to big again so we opted for just one dangle hanging from a rhinestone.

After that there was three disk beads left and the central bead from the original earing so she made her aunt this flower to keep in vase so she could remember her wedding and her mother.

 These photos where taken when she was still making the hair piece originally it was a little larger and we made it smaller after her aunt saw these pictures as she doesn't want large things in her hair just small accents.  So these photos below are what is left of the original work before she and I dismantled it.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Cherry Blossom Painted Re-Purposed Jeans

My middle daughter wanted help re-purpsing a pair of jeans she hated she hates plain Jane blue pants.  She got some ideas together and collected the acrylic paint and she and I set to work on this sitting on the garage floor to do this.  We used a few shades of pink , purple, red, white, cream, black, yellow and green.  Since we are currently visiting my in laws didn't want to make a mess of their lovely home.  Laid garbage bags on the floor so as not to get it dirty either with paint splatter.  If I had been at my own home I would have just laid this on the lawn and not cared about the splatter as it would go away into the grass.

Forgot to take a photo of the jeans before we started they are just a pair of faded jeans no stains on them and no holes all the staining you see we added with paint.

First we splattered and rubbed white paint into the jeans to give a distressed look.   You could do this with bleach too but that weakens the jeans this gives the look of that but let's the jeans have their full life.  Do this front and back.   Tools used paint brush and tooth brush to splatter and rub thick paint comes out white thin watered down acrylic paint looks sort of like bleach marks.
 Then we painted black branches on the jeans just free handed that, no drawing ahead of time, just used a normal medium acrylic paint brush flat edge.

I don't have a real good camera any more it got lost at Devils Gate  on a hike it fell in the water a few summers back the reason I don't post much anymore.  So sorry if the photos are not the best.
 You can see above on my daughter's shorts she was testing out on her shorts before she put on the jeans... not far in advance meaning she was wearing the shorts and no paint was on them when we started she tested while she was wearing them a few seconds before putting it on the jeans,
We used a hair dryer to dry this faster between steps. All steps are done both front and back.

Next came adding the 5 petaled flowers which we used white pink purple and red mixed in different amounts to get the desired look.  We used the back of the handle to make the petals.  But you could use 5 dowels rubber banded or taped together to go faster just would be more uniform in appearance.  We were going over the petals twice in some cases to add shading.

Once again my daughter was testing on her shorts.  I made jokes that she was going to get two for the price of one with this project if she kept it up. She didn't care about the shorts as she planned to toss them after this project as they are too small.  Because of this testing and cleaning of the brushed on her shorts she got way more paint on her than I did but I think she had more fun because of it too.

Below you can see the hair dryer inside the jeans to help dry the paint faster so we could turn the jeans over and work on the other side.
Hard to see in this photos below but we had added black, white and yellow centers to the flowers.  For this we used paint straight from the tube no thinning this was to give it  texture and tool was a tooth pick you could do this faster too but putting 5 tooth picks around a dowel or straw and having the tooth picks over hang the edge so you could do all 5 dots at once.  We also added green leaves with a touch of yellow and added a little brown to the branches where they showed through the flowers.  Tool used was a flat edge brush for both leaves and branches.

All done painting in this photo except we turned them inside out and placed them in the dryer to heat set the paint.  Then washed and dried them to soften the paint.
Later she wants me to add grommets and pink or black lacing to these jeans for a corseted look to the legs of the jeans.  She also plans on wearing these jeans with the legs pegged.  She likes them tons more now than she did before we did this to them.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

65 flowers

So today was a family get together to help one of my sisters prepare for her wedding next month.   My children and i sat in a room making 3 boutonnières, 2 corsages, the brides bouquet, the bouquet toss bouquet 11 arrangements for tables and 65 origami flowers... my children also helped make oriental fan decorations and lanterns and hanging paper ornaments for the wedding it was fun doing this for her she is such a nice person.

We also collected some beads to make her hair piece which me and my middle daughter will work on together.

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