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Friday, November 28, 2014

cancer research

I do not like to put the names of minors on the Internet but my daughter feels strongly about this contest so here I go.

This is my daughter China Khoral she is in a song writing contest. She sang, composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the song for this. If you like the song please go put a like on her song. This is to raise money for cancer research th etop 20 popular vote tgo to the next level where 12 are picked to be in the album to help raise money for cancer reasearch. Her grandmother died at the end of my daughters 7th grade year from pancreatic cancer.  Not long after ward so did her great uncle  from testicular cancer and her  great grandfather the previous year from cancer of the blood all from different types of cancer. We had lived with the grandmother at one point in my daughters' life and she was more like a mother to my children than a grandmother. Life has trials and they make us strong I consider my children to be some of the strongest people I have known. They face life head on and are resilient.   This song is about the trials my daughter went through during the time of her grandmother passing and her other relatives which was during a time she was being bullied at school. She is an amazing young woman. I hope her song gets picked to be one of 12 on the album so she can help others through her music and be able to donate her energies to cancer research by the money the album will raise. Thank you for your time with this. 
 p.s. the image here is of my daughter she is looking out over 1/4 of Arizona state from the highest point in the state while on her Concert choir tour this last summer. Reach hi and keep reaching

This is what she has written about her own song.

My name is China Khoral and I am almost seventeen. The reason I decided that I wanted to send in my song to Songs for Life was because although I don’t have cancer, I have an inherited bleeding disorder that affects my every day life. Consequently, some things are difficult for me to do and sometimes going through a day can be a struggle. As a result, I can relate to cancer patients in that their everyday life is not an easy stroll, but more of a steep hike that they take one step at a time. Though I have this quirk I do not let it stop me. I dance, sing, act, write, play sports, paint, draw, and lead a technical theater crew. I enjoy both sides of the stage and have come to live by this motto that “The harder I work the more luck I have.”
Girl I Wanna Be” is about when I was being bullied through the end of elementary and throughout junior high. I was judged because of my personality, the way I dressed, and the fact that I liked to do what the boys did. Towards the end of my seventh grade year I was physically bullied by a boy twice my size. I was injured in such a way that my feet were two inches out of alignment. This was what broke me and taught me to forget what other thought and just be me.
A year ago I started taking composing lessons and made the choice to tell my story through music. I hope that through this song others may be able to stand, let their flame burn, and be the person they wanna be. This is my song for life.

 Here is the link
The Girl I Wanna Be lyrics written, music composed and sung by China Khoral if you like it please hit like on the facebook like  link in the contest page we would greatly appreciate that.

here is how it works

  1. September 15-November 15:  Upload your original song or your version of a cover song, a photo and a short description of your song.
  2. September 15-November 30: Social Media Sharing and voting. Share your song with your family, friends and on social media. Highest number of Facebook likes determines the top 20 candidates.
  3. December 1: Final selections of 12 winners will be announced by the Songs For Life Review Committee. Winning artists will be posted on the site. One additional winner with the best “I Am Not My Pain” version will be selected for this year’s album.
  4. Twelve winners will be given up to $2,000 each towards recording studio fees at Soularium Studios in Alpine, UT if needed. Winners will also be allocated up to $1500 in travel expenses if needed. Final production to be completed by January 31, 2015.
thank you all that helped my daughter with her song and the contests the positions changed a lot in the end they took the top 25 because everyone was moving so much she was number 26. So yes she was real close thank you all so she does not get to go to the next level 29 votes more and she would have been in. Thanks for all the help it was fun to watch and see all the help. 81 songs were entered and she was going against a lot of adults a good effort on her part and all of you thank you so much.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy thanksgiving

Hope your day is full of joy, friends and family.
Turkey & fruit

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knight in shining Armor

inside box
My middle daughter during the summer made this Knight in shining armor for a friend of hers.  We forgot to take photos before she gave it away.  Recently she was given access to this item again.  She was excited that we would now be able to take photos of the item as it had a lot of work involved with making this fairy.  This was probably the most elaborate fairy she and I have made together with over 100's of hours in the making of it.   May not look that way to people looking at.  Usually this would be posted on my daughters blog but she is debating on getting rid of her blog and just joining my blog as a guest blogger.  With school and such and health issues she figures this would be better in the long run.
The box that that was used to house the fairy was found thrift shopping.  The little jar that is tied to the top of the box was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Originally it had the recipients name in it.  That has since been removed from the item since it no longer belongs to the original person who it was given to.  He decided it was not suited to him so it was given back.  Which is fine with us as we were sad that it had been given away because of all the work involved with it.  It is now a very cherished family item.  The inside of the box is set up with grass and fall leaves.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

French beadwork 3 corsages and 2 boutonnières homecoming

homecoming corasages and boutanierrs
I have made a few corsages and boutonnières for tonights homecoming dance.  My daughters are going stag.  So the other three you see are for some good friends of theirs.  One is for a first date that is the green set.  The other is for a good friend who doesn't have a date also.  So we thought we would do something for these three friends to make it more special for them.  Since the theme of the dance is " Night in Paris"  We figured French beaded wire flowers was perfect as a special keep sake for the dance for everyone including my kids.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

white homecoming dress

right sidecorsetSorry I forgot to take before pictures.  This was a dress my middle daughter got the summer of 2013.  It was donated to a church close swap.  What is a clothes swap you ask.  It is where you take your gently used clothes that you have out grown and trade with other people for sizes you fit into anything left over is donated to local thrift stores.  This dress was there ( actually is is a skirt and corset).  I took the embellishments off of it which had been six red roses and a few (about 30) red seed beads.  Thus leaving the dress almost totally white except for the red tie on the back.  I then repaired the damage to the dress and started to sew on white roses with green accent leaves and silver roses I also sewed on white sequin snowflakes. So the dress cost nothing except thread, flowers and sequins. It still retains the original red tie on the back may change that to white not sure as it does not bother me.

on a side note we also just used this dress in the play the wizard of Oz as the snow that fell on the poppies.  We had a ballerina dance across the stage with white disco lights going to represent snow.

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