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Monday, January 16, 2017

0-3 months white dress

My oldest daughter had been working on a gift for a baby cousin that had yet to be born.   This is for a kind aunt and uncle, my in laws, who let us stay with her when we had mold damage in our bathroom of our home which caused us to leave our home.  Which took several months to remedy.  The aunt uncle  are kind and let us stay at their home through an operation on one kid and several illnesses in my children they where and are good sports about the whole thing.  We love them dearly.

This dress is hand crocheted in size 10 thread.  My daughter added 2 antique mother of pearl buttons to the back and tons of ribbon roses to the dress.


Sometimes seeing the number of views I get is down right scary.  21,415,166 viewers.   I don't have any clue how my stuff  could be look at that many times.  But thank you all the same.   I feel loved

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Drawing eye candy

It has been years since a got new nice supplies for art.   This is so exciting to me I can not wait to use these this and next term for my costume design classes.  I have gotten to do some drawing as of late.  Am very excited to be able to do more of it.

Some of these were Christmas gifts the small ones with out the big names.  But the prismacolor pens and pencils those were purchased yesterday the excitement of getting them at 50% off.

Also found out this last week that I get to do the costume design for the touring play next spring for UVU and the makeup for the play " a year in the life of frog and toad" should be a fun and busy year.

Monday, January 02, 2017

swatching Portuguese socks

First off Happy New Year

Still ill so I  thought I would test out my theories on Portuguese socks while laying in bed.

I also thought some might be interested in how i did my swatching.  These are the notes I took while doing this.  May be helpful to some may not bu tit is helpful to me.

first test Dec 31

size 10 cotton thread
50 stitches cast on 3 needles
knitting needle size 00

knit in round with white for this should have been red to be traditional
which hand was doing what red left white right

1. first 10 rounds  white
2. then k2t yo around eyelet picot row ( in the future i want the picot round to be a contrast color)
3. knit 10 round white  (This should have been yellow and the flower color) on 10th  row join to to first round knitting one stitch from needle to one stitch on cast on to close  top of sock and give a finished edge
4. did one more row in last color used ( which if it had been red like it should of I would have stayed red but since it wasn't had to switch to red for  background color)
5.  add second color do 1 round k

first test Dec 31, 2016

size 10 thread
50 stitches
knitting needle size 00

knit in round with white for  This should have been red to be traditional
red left white right

1. 10 rounds
2. then k2t yo around eyelet picot row
3. knit 10 round white  This should have been yellow and the lower color) on 10th  row join to to first round
4. do one more row
5.  add second color do 1 round k (if I had used red the whole time would not matter but since I switched this really should have been two rows)

work pattern to test
test leaves

this gave me 10 stitches per inch  and 12rows with size 00 needles need to go need to go smaller on needles

try again want 14 per inch

Jan -01 2017
needle size 0000

usually when you knit socks the picot band at the top is usually knit on one size smaller needles than rest of sock so i will do that in the a real  pair this i more to test the tension and stitches in the actual sock area test rose

work pattern to test

test leaves

 00 needle

this gave me 10 stitches per inch  and 12rows with size 00 needles need to go need to go smaller on needles way smaller so I will drop two sizes

try again want 14 per inch or as close as possible to that

I am working a stripe pattern  (looks like candy cane Christmas stuff to me) on the back of the sock just to carry the thread from point a to b on a real sock this too would have a flower patter.

next test on Jan -01 2017
needle size 0000

On a side note to self

Usually when you knit socks the picot band at the top is usually knit on one size smaller needles than rest of sock.  I will do that in the real pair this I more to test the tension and stitches in the actual sock area

test rose

size 0000 steel needles

I have needles that go down to size 000000 hope I don't have to go that small if so the picot band will not be knit on smaller needles just how it goes.

It has been a while since I have knit with needles this small.  Taking me a little bit of getting use to holding stuff this small again.   Thinking I will finish this as a sock not for any one to use mind you too small and not how I would want it to look.  But it might be cute next year as a Christmas decoration.

Plus it will give me a chance to work the toe section to figure out those decreases.  Since the toe style is different than any I have used.  I would rather do these as toe up socks but can't do that until I know how the pattern works both forward then backward.

So now you have seen what a test looks like to me and the thoughts that go through my head as I figure it out.  Happy Knitting to you... I will go back to testing this once I have the Santa stocking all done.

Santa stocking

Have been working on the Santa stocking for my cousin been in bed most the last few days.  So it is making a little bit of progress.  The one on the right is the one I am trying to match color wise. I think it is pretty close.  My tension so far is pretty close to that of the original sock I am copying.  But we will see what happens when I get to the intarsia part the color work area of the socks hanging and the Santa body.  I have not done much intarsia so in my knitting it is very much a week point for me.

 As to the color matching
  • My cream is a little light in color but that could  be age of the old wool.   
  • My red is a brighter red also could be age.  
  • My green is more a blue green that has nothing to do with age I just had a hard time matching that color and the skin tone well I purposely made that a tiny bit darker less pink more peach also for that part since so little is used it is tapestry wool.
  • The angora part the beard that is not coming out as close as I would have liked it to be.  But since the store only had one type of angora I had not a whole lot of say in that part of the yarn choices. 
Because of the intarsia color work the pieces is knit flat then joined in the round after the green section is done.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Marriage cross stitch

And so it begins...  It is a 8 by 10 bucilla counted cross stitch number 40777 (19 colors).  Since I have two of these to make (not the same pattern) hopeful it won't take too long. 

In the bottom photo you can see my magnifying glass that helps me see the stitches it is on a stand and had a light to illuminate the project making things easier to work on as well... I am not as young as I use to be.  Sadness I use to have 20/15 vision better than perfect but with time we all get older.

The heart you see started is the middle of the cross stitch.  Haven't gotten any progress on this done as I have been sick the last few days so here is hoping I can get this one done before the term starts and I am back in classes and the craziness of life takes over again.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

a few projects

Last night I started to knit a pair of what the author calls traditional Portuguese lace socks.  This is in the hopes they would help me to figure out the toe section I want to do on the fair-isle style  yellow and red socks that I want.    Those yellow and red socks I want to make have a stitch  count of 12 to 14 per inch.  That may not seem like much but when you look at a single square inch that equals 144 to 196 stitches which is an insane about of stitches per inch... If you then  compare that to 91.375 stitches per square inch for the lace pattern of the sock just started yep it will take 8 to 12 times longer to knit.  My kids got me sick last night or I would be further along on this.

The pattern for the lace socks can be found In Andrea wong's etsy store
Other projects started at my home.

I am doing cross-stitch contract work.  Two of them to be exact, they are wedding samplers.  This is for the same lady I have done all the baby announcements for in the past.

My middle daughter has started to make a few hand made books.  She is using the coptic book binding technique taught on a long time ago on my blog but she is using paper instead of fabric.  I think she is making six of these.  She has been real sick for a while so this is something she can do while in bed.
There is also another knitting project on the horizon. This is a knitted Christmas stocking for my cousin Eric.   We as children: my 6 cousins and my older sister brother and myself grew up together at my Vova's house  ( grandmother's house).  She had the nuns in the area hand knit us all  Christmas stockings.  Some how a few years back my cousin Eric's went missing his was the second oldest grandchild stocking.   So I am borrowing my oldest cousin Kelly's sock to make a copy of it to give to Eric, this was requested by my Aunt Nonnie.  I could have just bought one on Ebay or Etsy for him for 40 some dollars that would have been the same pattern but it would have been made out of acrylic yarn.  Ours being the age they were are made in all wool.  So I will be making his so it will be made out of wool like the rest of them.  Won't be the original but it is as close as I can do.

Now to just buy the pattern and of course knit it.

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