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Monday, November 27, 2017

Sk8 board decks

My middle daughter had gotten into designing sk8 board decks. She has then for sale at boardpusher. http://www.boardpusher.com/Stellas_Fire

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pull tab scale maile

My oldest daughter  China, is working on a found art project for school.  It is to be scale maile made from different pull tabs...she has been collecting them all over the UVU campus to make this project.... You can see from these photos it keeps changing and being reworked as she finds more and more tabs.

She is using pull tabs and jumper rings to make this

first set of progress photos

second set

third set

I will post more updates as she gets further into this.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Romanian point lace rick rack cord

 I am using size 15 thread sissy and a size 12 hook
color and dye lots for my reference for latter
art (4
farbe 325
partie 01

I am also using a white thread for the tutorial but I and using the dark navy for a project

this cord only unravels in one direction so you have to make the exact amount you need for each spot
  1. chain 3
  2. in 2nd ch make sc, in next ch make 2 sc, ch 1 turn work
  3. * 1 sc in first sc, 3 sc in 2nd sc, ch 1 turn work**... repeat to desired length

step 1
step 2
repeat to desired length

etc.etc. etc.

if you want more Romanian point lace cord patterns free look on the left side bar under rpl cord that will take you to them and tutorials on sewing cords together and unraveling them not just making them

4th of July post card

These are hand printed cards made by me on an antique printing press with antique lead and wood type.  I printed these July 4th 2011 and they got miss placed in a move.  I have since found them and wanted to make them available for others to enjoy.

They are 6 1/2 by 9 inches
lithograph  ink and printed by  hand which means each has a little different feel to it in the amount of ink on the print they are all hand signed and dated.

They are currently available in my etsy shop

i won't be making these again once they are gone there will be no more made.

Memorial day Sale till end of may

Image result for memorial day
Memorial Day Sale good till the end of the month in my etsy shop 15% off all orders over 15.00 with this coupon code


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