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Monday, April 04, 2016

Green velvet hat

So Sunday while watching the LDS general conference I was working on some homework... I don't have normal homework I was to make a hat for my costume construction class.  My first time using buckram and milliners wire. I think I did pretty good.  My sewing machine was broken so I had to do all this by hand.  The hat is covered with a piece of up-cycled green velvet,use to be a curtain. 

The lining is satin  polyester the beads are just some I had jut simple plastic.  Took about four hours to make. 

Although  the beads look decorative they actually had a function I used them to tack the inside and the outside of the hat together I am sure there  are better ways of doing this but it is what I came up with.  I drew the bead placement on the fabric before I cut out the pattern pieces as I figured the spacing would be hard once it was sewn up.  The beads are just plastic kid beads but they do give it a nice touch and didn't cost anything.  The beads around the brim of the hat are sewn on with a backstitch and each bead is sewn on one at a time and then back stitched before adding the next bead.  Takes  a while but it is much stronger this way if a bead should break off not all the beads will go dancing across the floor.  I also think it looks pretty that way. 

Next time I should do something to the under part of the hat as well with beads or French knots or something as I don't like the way the stitches look on that side.  I was worried beads would get tangled in the hair on that side.
 Inside where you can not see and what I forgot to take photos of is buckram and milliners wire and bias tape to shape and form the hat.

Monday, March 28, 2016

French Beadwork votive light

 This is an assignment for a class I am taking.  I was to create a rose any rose just a rose using found
objects.  In my house beads are always around so they are always found objects.  In the center of the rose is a battery powered votive.  Is not to give off light just be a pretty mode enhancing item.  My oldest daughter claimed this as her prise to keep.  It took me about 20 hours to make.  But that is because of the size of it it is larger than my hand so for French wire bead work that is enormous.  In the bottom photos you can see the how I was doing the last round to assemble the rose.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beaded rose

My daughters and I made a beaded rose last night.
You can see from the below to the left photo a doodle of the idea of what we wanted to do with the leaves for the flower.   Wish i had taken a picture of the flower before my child gave it away so you could see the size of the rose.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Major Barbara

Another play that I have worked on as of late  as a stitcher was Major Barbara.  Mainly just worked on the Salvation Army uniforms for the play along with a few other people.  My co workers worked on the other items for the play  I mainly made 4 skirts and worked on the jackets.  There was also a straw boat hat I had to rebuild when an actor fell and it had to be put back together.


Ren fairs and my family

Watching the joust from the royal box
My family loves Ren-fairs and all that type of stuff.  We belong to a local guild of fairies where we go to different ren-fairs and entertain the small children. This is a service we do not get paid to do it.  It is a charity type thing we do.  My daughters and I all go together.  This last one my middle daughter was is so she was not there.  
just a couple that I like their costumes
We go in the costumes I made from A Mid Summer Nights Dream a few years back we just take turns as to who wears which costume.  I also love watching the lion dancers, fire eaters and the jousting this fair had all of the above.This is the lion dancers I video taped them.  I enjoy watching these types of things.  I have watched Lion dancers since I was a little girl going to China Alley in the neighboring town where I grew up.

Watching Fire eaters is also fun.  My middle daughter has a friend from Microneisa that does fire dancing and is a fire-eater as well.  So I was interested in what this one used since each person seems to use something different.

 This is the liquid he uses to spit fire.
Lastly we watched the jousts.  This was an interesting Joust.  One of the competitors was a woman that does not happen to often.

Meet William Shakespeare and the merry people from A Mid summer Nights Dream.  Mustard seed Cobweb and Puck
Me and two of my girls

Since my daughter was home ill we all went with out food for the day so we could bring her home a gift from the fair meet sting.  Me and all my daughters agreed to this.  Things are tight so if we want something extra something has to give so no food to eat but daughter feels loved and  not left out.

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