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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stippling a Jean Jacket

detail of rose 
My middle daughter found this jean jacket thrift shopping and really liked it but she wanted to embellish it yesterday.  So she drew a rose on it and started to sort of cross hatch it and I commented that it would look better if she stippled it so yes her response was pretty much I do not stipple well so can you help me. 
lots more to go
Which translates into mom will you do that part for me.  So she is drawing the rose and leaves and thorn vines (still in the works) on to the jacket with pencil.
detailjust beginning
  Then I get the fun of coloring it in with millions of little dots of permanent ink.  I have a card board (cake board) inside the jacket for rigidity while drawing and to keep the over inking from going to the front side of the jacket.  I usually do this type of thing on paper but it is fun to do on fabric as the colors bleed and blend better.
staring to draw vines and thornsprogress staring to draw vines and thorns

Stipple always sort of has a look of a tattoo about it to me.  I guess that makes since since tattoos are basically stipple drawings on peoples bodies.  But I prefer this much more over a tattoo less permanent.   Funny to me as I did use permanent sharpie markers to color this in.   I will heat set it before it gets washed or worn.  Because of the over inking I am worried it may still run but I doubt it. 

This will probably have bead-work before we are done with it to add depth to it and more colors.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beadwork of my daughter's

IMG_3358 IMG_3357IMG_3354 
My middle daughter made some bead-work over the last little bit.

She made the necklace first it did not come out how she wanted it so it became a necklace it was supposed to be a bracelet first.  Then the bracelet was made and came out the way she wanted it to so it was given to a friend.

The rose was made last.  The rose was for a friend as well it was in that persons favorite colors.
She redid the wolf eyes and made the bracelet she had been planning on she all so made a French beaded wire rose.  The bracelet is made with size 11 seed beads whereas the necklace was size 10 seed beads.

After doing the brick stitch she sewn it onto a piece of felt then that was sewn to a leather band so it could be worn as a bracelet.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Black Knotty Gloves finished

gloves my daughter made for me
My oldest daughter the one that did the Hooded sweater made these gloves for me as a gift.  She purposefully did not put finger tips on them as I like to still be able to use my phone without taking off my gloves.  I think she did a real good job on them.  They look sort of gray in these photos but they are actually black.  They fit perfectly too.
 detail of wrist
She is still sort of on a cabling kick  I bet she could cable in her sleep she is much better at it than me now.
left hand
both gloves

Monday, March 09, 2015

Wolf eyes choker

in shadow

This bead-work was done by my middle daughter it started out as a gift for a friend who likes wolves it was to be a bracelet.  During the course of her making it she discovered that the gray beads she was using had been painted.  Which is never good because paint always chips off and the color underneath is not the  color you wanted  just in making the piece it was already starting to chip so that would never do  who wants a wolf that is spotted pink , purple and green where it should be gray.  The beads under the gray paint were pink and purple and green. If you look at the photo below you can see above and to the left of the green eye a pink bed yep it use to be gray.

 in light
blue eyeSo I took a leather bracelet band and cut it in half and sewed felt to it and placed the bead-work on the felt she can now wear it as a chocker and when it chips well that is how it goes.  This piece was woven on a bead loom.

full chocker
green eye

She has started over again doing this using different beads and using peyote stitch instead of a bead loom to make the bracelet. Which will also be on a leather bracelet.
Attempt number 2 did not fair much better she was using some of my more expensive beads but I did not have the right shades of blue and green so without a flash on you can not see the blue.  Also with the flash on you loose the gray and black difference. 
attempt number 2 with flash

2 with flash on

It also has a different dimension using the peyote stitch which makes it two wide for the bracelet.  So she will be making  a third attempt at this in the future.  With out the flash on you cannot really see the blue
attempt number 2number 2
Without a flash you can see the gray and black difference but the blue disappears so back to the drawing board for  a third time. 
I also do not like the way the peyote stitch (also known as gourd stitch)  stretched this design as it no longer looks wolf like.  That is my fault as
I was teaching her that stitch as she has never used it before.

Her next attempt will be off loom square stitch she gets to learn something new again.

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