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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Safari dance

Two of my children went to a dance at their old school.  The theme was going on a jungle Safari.   They could have worn costumes but decided not to.  They did want flowers to give to their friends, because it was a casual dance and a sadies dance they decided that they would not have boutanniers but a flower to hand to the guys men.  So we made these flowers.  My middle daughter helped string the beads on wire for her sister's date's flowers.

Friday, October 02, 2015


As those that follow this blog know ... I went back to collage ... It is going great crazy busy.  Doing  lots of costuming in my job at the costume shop.  Did the Wizard of Oz Will post some of that later and some on Major Barbra  and  and An Ideal Husband.  Working on Trail of Dreams and Carry on Mr. Bowditch ... and lastly The King and I.  So yes working on all that and 18 credit hours and 20 hours a week at work so yes trying to post just not succeeding.  Still wife and mom so life is busing out of its seams everywhere.
But my daughter went to homecoming a few times in the last few weeks and I wanted to show one of her dresses.  We used the dress in the last post.  So you can see its transformation.  It got re-worked several times before we were finished with it.
So the first thing we did was cut off 3.5 inches off of the dress to make it able to be worn without heels.  As my daughter's date was almost the same height as she is, she didn't want to be taller by wearing heels.
     Originally we were going to make the dress have silver and turquoise accents. The first go round we added turquoise.
 Added white bows but my daughter hated them, so they quickly got removed.
  The silver fringe my daughter loved and it made it to the final piece.  Originally the beads that were blue were free form ... when they got switched to red I put them in an organized pattern.
Later we added snowflakes and bows but those made it look to Christmas like to my daughter so those did not last.  
Then the date found a shirt he liked but it didn't match what we had done so we reworked the dress again but with red, white, black, and silver.  Added a black bow to the hip as a detail to help explain the gathering of the dress.
As always we made a beaded hair piece for my daughter and a beaded boutonnière for the young man.

Monday, June 08, 2015

White wedding dress to modify

Since prom I found a solid white wedding dress that has no embellishments on it.  This type of dress thrift shopping (junking) usually sells for about ($50.00 and $125.00 but it had mud on the edge of it from the hem to  4 to about 8 inches up everywhere including the under petticoat layers).  It was priced at $12.00 I assume because of this I talked to the manager and asked if that was the best price as dry cleaning would cost about $40.00 and may not get it out.  So he sold it to me for $10.00.  This dress has a label in it from Dave's Bridel in Orem so I decided to look on-line and see about how much it cost originally ... $349.00 dollars on sale right now for 198.48 so $10.00 I am doing good with this dress ( Satin A-line with Asymmetrical Skirt).

On the off chance I could get the stain out myself without paying the dry cleaning fee I turned the dress inside out and tossed it into my front loading washing machine on a gentle cycle with several extra pre-washes and extra rinses ( this is what we do at the costume shop where I work to wash wedding dresses for plays).  So I thought I would give it a try. I hung it to dry did not toss in dryer.   Guess what the stains came out looks almost brand new now.  Where it looks a little old is the hem where it dragged and snagged.  But since my daughter needs about 2 inches cut off anyway that part will go away.  Because it does look like a wedding dress all white I will be adding color to it in the form bead work and the like.  We originally were going to add robins egg blue piped cord to it around the front piece and matching bead work we had a hard time finding that color.  So that has been changed to Royal plum instead now.   Here is wishing me luck to embellish this one for my daughter who likes fluffy dresses and make it not look like a wedding dress so much.  This is for the daughter that had the green dress above.  The bead-work is planned to come in from the left side of the torso and fade out into the rest of the front panel piece.  The under part in the front will be left plain.  This is also a strapless dress which means my daughter will have to wear a shirt under it and a jacket over it to. Which gives us another spot to add color to pull it out of the wedding dress look it has.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Prom beadwork and refashioned dress


My daughters went to prom last month and I never showed the bead-work I did for them or should I say that we all did for it.
IMG_3476My oldest daughter wore a grayish blueish dress found thrift shopping brand new with tags on it for ($20.00) which I left as I found it.

So her pieces are one boutonnière and one hair piece both had shades of blue in them.

The young man she went with loves soccer so we added a soccer ball to his item. Which you can see to the left in the left photo.  I made the flower my oldest daughter made the leaves.

For the hair piece my oldest daughter yet again made the leaves with silver lined bugle beads and I did the rest of it.  I like that we can now work on projects like this together.

IMG_3378IMG_3376My middle wore a dress I found thrift shopping ($15.00)that was all green.  I decided to add hot pink embellishments to it.  So a pink sash got added as did pink flower sequins with a white faux pearl bead in the middle of each flower.  I also added a hot pink jacket to make it more modest and she wore a mod bod in a neutral skin color to also make it more modest as the original dress was strapless.
I also added double sided satin ribbon shoulder straps to make the dress have more support as dancing can make dresses drop and I did not want her to fight her dress all night.  Below there are still pins holding the sequins on.

IMG_3381This daughter had a hairpiece, and a corsage.  She went stag as she was too young to have a date but she met up with friends at the dance to hang out with so she had people to dance with that were also too young to have dates.

Corsage on the left hairpiece on the right in the photo below.     My middle daughter did the leaf work I made the flowers.
My middle daughter made the necklace you see in this post originally it was for her older sister but she ended up giving it to another girl in the group.

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