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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Crossing Fingers

I applied for a contract job at UVU yesterday. Wish me luck I think the interview went well ( 3+ hours). I know it is only a short term job but I have lots of talent to share and I could learn so much working for the costume department for the university for a few months.

I am thinking of going back to collage as a student too.  Life is interesting how it changes and grows and goes back to the beginning all at the same time.  Not sure yet but I am putting it out there.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Tree of Gondor Sweater Finished

Guest blogger post by my oldest daughter about her sweater

my daughter's work 
After thirteen months I have finished my sweater. I added a hood to my sweater which I made over-sized like the cloak hoods of a woodland elves.
oversized hood on purpose

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Red Leaf Hair comb French Beading

leafMy middle daughter went to a dance with a Star Wars Theme so you could dress up or go casual she choose casual.  She asked for a hair comb with any of these colors in it : red, black, silver, and or gold.  I choose the first three colors to make her item.    She has been working hard on her school work and I thought even though she did not go to her school dance she should still have something nice for the night.  Plus she was ill and I wanted to bring a smile to her face.

As of late when I do projects I like to use up all of a supply if I can I figure it is better they are used and in an item than sitting in my bead box doing nothing.  Several items got used up on this project.

side comb
First I mixed up three shades of red bugle beads to use for leaves for the background of the comb.  Nothing too fancy  but these beads actually cast a real pretty sparkle.

Girls Choice Dance "A starry Night"

making french beaded items
The above Photo is what my kitchen table looked like this morning from 5 am till about 3 in the afternoon when I finished making a lot of  beaded items.  Yes I had out way too many supplies but I like choice as I am working so that is how it goes.  Get out more than you need so you know you have what you want out.

It was dance day and I had yet to make the boutonnière for my oldest daughter or her hair pieces.  My middle daughter is not old enough to date yet and had friends going to another dance that was not a date dance so she went there instead.  I also  made her a special hair piece since she had choosen not to go to the school dance.  She could have gone stag but thought it more fun to be with a group of people not all paired off.

So this was one of two girls choice dances this year at my kids school had the theme " A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh".  So when I went to make the young mans boutonnière I wanted the colors of the painting to show in the bout.  So I used black , blues. whites, purples and yellows and silver to sparkle like stars.  Yes as always I made a French Beaded Boutonnière.

two hair picks and one bout

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