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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dhaos Costume

One of my friends has a daughter who wanted to go to the Salt Lake Comic Con as the character Dhaos.   The picture to the left is what the character looks like.  According to my oldest daughter the character is a guy that is a demon God of some sort that is trying to protect magic so his world will not die or something like that.  Yeah don't ask me I do not know at all.  I just know I had to make the costume.

This is what I cam up with for the under part of the out fit.  I bought a turtle neck shirt and some yoga pants at Ross.  My oldest daughter designed the parts that had to be in yellow on the computer and made me templates to use.  Would not have been able to do this very easy without her help.  I used her templates to make the appliqués that I hand sewed on and for the gloves that are sewn to the ends of the sleeves.So yes you put the gloves on at the exact same time as you do the shirt.  The head band is a burka style hat with a hole cut in the op to accommodate the hair coming out.

For the first cape you have to wear I used flannel.  Once again my daughter helped me with the appliqué patterns.  So this is kind of a warm costume for the summer months but a lot of costumes are very warm.
  Encase you are curious this is me in these photos usually I use my children as my mannequins but I was closer to her size then my children are.  The person playing this character has to get her own shoes as that is too hard to fit without he person there to try them on.  She is also had to pick up her own bangle bracelets.

The final part of the costume is the red over cape. For this I actually used a wood burner to make the holes around the face area of the cape and to make the fringe made it much faster to make as I hid not have to sew around all the fringe like I did on the first cape.  I have decided that making anime costumes is actually kind of hard as are no rules how you can draw clothes.  But for a first try I think it came out pretty good.

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