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Saturday, July 14, 2012

July RPLAL finished with video

sideHere are the two flower centers I promised.  Had a crazy week and the time to take the video when no children were around never seemed to happen.  I don't like to make videos when there is the possibility of people, TV or radio talking in the background.  But sometimes it just can not be helped.  Luckily the whole house was asleep when I made this video.  So no phone or door bell in the back ground.

When I finally did have the silent moment to sit down found out I had accidentally left my camera on and the battery was dead.  You know life is like this at times.    So charging them praying children not to wake up lucked out.  I had left it till the last two fillings before the project was done so I had one shot on this.  Otherwise I would have to start an entirely new project and do the tutorial on that one, which would have  taken a lot more time of course to get it to the filling needle lace stage. The video also shows how to make the twisted brides/bridges, bars ( to many names for the same stitch).  The stitches I do on the even one can also be done on the odd spoke I just showed it on even.   The other is harder to do on an even spoke as you would have to either go over two or under two at the end of every round to try and keep the weave pattern which would make a funny little jog in it and not be pretty to me.

You will notice I have this both as a collar and a doily look in the photos I have yet to decided which way I like it better.  You are welcome to give your in put on that I would appreciate some feedback.  I think I am leaning toward collar.
back detail


  1. thank you that was very sweet of you to say

  2. Been waiting to see this piece finished - it did not disappoint. Well done, it's gorgeous! I love it as a collar.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video, it inspired me to try it on my cutwork circles.

  4. thank you for your comment annet i followed your hyper link back to your blog thank you for posting a picture so I could see


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