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Friday, June 15, 2012

Carnation and Apple flower Oya

carnation oya
Carnation Oya
Doing some more crocheted Oya.  I took another piece of old lace I had in my crochet box and wanted to embellish it with some oya.  The lavender  and green centers are the old lace the flower part is the oya crochet.   I am thinking about doing a baby dress with oya flowers hanging from the hem I think it would be a lovely Easter dress or baby blessing or little baby wedding outfit if done in all white. If you do Crazy quilting or  embroidered pillows, or childrens dresses these are nice edgings to add a little something special to your work.  I am using size 10 crochet thread in these but I should be using nylon thread that is much much smaller but I am still unable to find my box of it.  Very frustrating to me as I want to do a few scarfs and see how it looks the correct size with the correct thread
Apple flower Oya

detail apple flower oya
apple flower oya Apple flower oya
 carnation oya
On a side note I have been talking to the designer of these patterns and this is what I have found out.  If you like Oya and want patterns for it in English this is the person to get them from but she is getting discouraged and thinks no one wants or likes her patterns.  If you like them please go leave her comments on her patterns on ravelry and give them a heart and if you want to try them by all means try them.  I for one would be sad to see a person who is trying to get patterns to all of us give up because she doesn't think she has a market.


  1. I love your designs and I would like more. I would be willing to pay for them. There do not seem to be any books on oya in English and I am sure it would sell . It is very generous of you to share your mother-in laws patterns

  2. there are two books in english but they are simple oya


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