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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Added ribbon woven ribbon as belt

OK sometimes I just can not leave a project alone this one was bothering me because after I had finished sewing it, it still looked so plain even with the bright orange crinoline and an orange lining.  So I posted on face book that I thought it needed more just was not sure what.  When a cousin gave a suggestion of a wide belt 2 or 3 inches and a bow in the back.  This is not exactly what she suggested but  sort of is.
front with crinoline
close up front
close up sideI went looking through my ribbons to see what I could fine.  The gold lace ribbon came from my grandmother's flower shop about 10 to 12 years ago when another cousin of mine took over running it and got rid of excess ribbon.   The orange ribbon came from when I use to work at a flower shop at BYU almost 18 years ago.  The bodkin used for weaving came from a thrift store and it had 1960's packaging.  The pattern for the dress from the 1950's from etsy and the fabrics are new but clearance.  Nothing like a dress coming together from 5 different states for supplies and about 70 years in the making.  To be worn by a teenager in 2012.
The gold ribbon was not what I wanted in that it was too airy and the orange was too narrow but I got the idea that the orange was just the same size as the openings in the gold and this bow was hatched.  I think is worked out perfect the two together almost looks like it came that way now.  Took about 2 hours to weave enough ribbon to make the belt, the two sets of bow loops, and the center tie loop.
ribbons used

comparing sizesbodkinbodkin in start of ribbon weaveing

ribbon being woven
ribbon weaving done
center loop of bow
bow with loops
My children wanted the bow on the front right hip so that is where it will stay.  I know this doesn't make it terribly fancy but I think it is just enough added detail to not make it absolutely boring to look at.  Plus it hides the transition from the bodice to the hem which I did not like the look of.
all finished
oldest daughter with new dress


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