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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Request To My Readers

I am trying to improve my store and put things in there that my readers like.

So, out of all the items I have show in the past on my blog, which things might you like in the store? These are things that I have not put in the store in the past, such as St. Patrick's day or Valentine's day garlands, felt ornaments and things of this sort. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Just anything I have ever shown that you might be interested in.



  1. the felt ornaments are great, the snowmen, birds, hearts.
    Maybe you could craft a mini granny square crochet kit..where the squares are pre made and the customer can sew them together in their own wall quilt design? I know for myself personally I adore crocheted items but do not know how to crochet, but maybe if a customer can create their own pattern with say for instance..solid color squares then some multi colored squares mixed in..that might be something fun and different to offer.
    And maybe show some examples of some of the designs they could do with them..add that in the packet.
    Things like the pre made yo-yo's might be another idea..again a set number in a packet along with ideas for how/where to use them.
    crocheted baby booties and toys are good items to offer.

  2. sunshine,
    i saw your post in another section, so thought i would come back here and look at all your work, wow, i had forgotten how prolific you are.
    here's my vote for some of my favorites of what you do:
    the temari ball
    braided rugs
    baby bonnets
    i wish also that you made pillowcase sets, where you sell the edgings in cotton, i love those, and usually buy them when i find them.
    also have wondered why you dont sell your tutorials, also think your photography is great and that you could make up some great crafters card sets to sell from your pics.
    hope these ideas help.




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