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Thursday, December 20, 2007

For all those people that love birds help

what bird is this
These birds are roaming my yard, quite often actually; about 13 of them. I haven't a clue what they are; if any one knows, please tell me because I think they are cool and want to know more about them.
Thanks! sunshine


  1. im pretty sure those are quail. we put cracked corn out in our yard for them.

  2. Do you know what type becasue they don't look or act like any quail I have seen they don't follow each other in little lines when their children are around they also do not have the little black tuft of feathers at the top of their heads. We thought quail at first too but they don't act or walk right for that

  3. hmmmm. We have a bird book mabey ill check and see if I find something :) unless for some reason you only had female. but that wouldnt make sense either. my grandpa was a HUGE bird person, ill see what i can find.

  4. They look like quail to me too. I'm so intrigued! Unfortunately my bird books are all in storage while our Christmas decorations are taking up the space in the bookshelves. The picture of a quail on wikipedia doesn't have that tuft you are talking about.

  5. Look at the birds on this link. That's them in the second picture:

  6. thank you. I guess my husband was right I have never seen quail like that and they act differnt than any quail I have ever seen. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it. I have so much fun watching them I hated not being certain of what they are.

  7. I looked up what you said and clicker on the image to see it better the words that named the picture was chukar so I goggled that it is a type of pheasant that makes since to me as that is what it sounds like when it talks. The link you gave was on a page about quail and other wild game birds. It lands in the other category. It is also a type partridge. Here is the link I found thank you for all your help. Your link helped me to figure it out

  8. My hubby said its a chukar. Its a kind of partridge. A game bird. He said he is positive.

  9. I was thinking chukar too..they are cute and fun to watch arn't they????

  10. chukar partridge.they do best on a game bird/turkey feed which you should be able to find at a local feed and seed supply store.
    but not a chicken starter. it must be a turkey feed or game bird feed. cracked corn is good too.


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