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Friday, December 08, 2006

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

I have been trying to get my Christmas decorations up for the last few days.

I am almost there; just have to hang the stockings and put out another nativity. I need to pull the last item out of the attic, still.

It was brought to my attention the other day that, for a person who makes things, I don't have very many of my own hand-made Christmas decorations. This is pretty true; most of the handmade Christmas items I have my Vavo made. Which is fine with me; that is her thing --making Christmas stuff out of wood. I have a lovely set of wood blocks she keeps adding to, and a lovely set of angels she carved and painted. I also have some cloth angels she made in the 70's when I was a kid. She gave them to me a few years back. One Christmas when I asked why they were not hanging, she said, "What? Those dumb old things?" Then she said, "If you like and miss them, you may have them." Oh, I jumped at that chance! I think they are just wonderful in a folk-art sort of way. I will show them sometime this month. She and I have actually had discussions on this. In a joking manner, I was told I couldn't make Christmas decorations to give away 'till well after her departure. That is her thing; every Christmas since I was little, she has made new Christmas decorations. So, I still make Christmas stuff; I just don't make big things like she does. Just little stuff to put on peoples' trees and things like that. Past ornaments I have made: beeswax cookie mold ornament, Romanian lace, temari balls, hand blown ornaments covered with crochet and tatting, paper mache ornament, candy ornaments for kids (such as a life saver man and a gum and life saver plane). Might make some tutorials on those; they are real fun, simple projects to do with kids.

My oldest doesn't even remember half of the decorations or train that I have that goes around the tree. So, this has been real fun for them to see our new old things. The youngest doesn't remember the musical Nutcracker that I have from the San Francisco Music Box Company. Hmmm, I wonder what ever happen to that store? It just disappeared a few years back. I also have a Nativity from them, the one I have yet to pull out. I'll post a few of the other decorations I have from my grandmother in a few days; for today, I am showing my Christmas tree. It has been a long time since it has been up the way I like it. We had little kids and nephews and nieces who would touch the tree, so I left off all the glass ornaments for the last five years. So this is the first time in a long time I have had my tree complete.

I have two parties Saturday at my house so I will probably wait 'till after that to pull out the nativity because little kids seem to like it way to much, and I want to keep it nice for a long time to come.

p.s. The tree actually has red raspberry lights on it. I tried to take pictures of it, but with ten strands of lights on all I got in photos was a creepy, demonic red glow which didn't look like what it looks like in real life; so, I didn't post it lit up.


  1. Sunshine,
    The tree is beautiful, love all the decorations and the gold beaded garland going all around. So so pretty.

  2. Yeah I like garlands. There is a white beads,a gold bead one, green beads, and lastly a bronze looking beaded one. So there are actually about 4 styles of garland but about 18 strands of beads. It is a very densely packed tree.

  3. sunshine, your christmas tree looks beautiful, wish i was there.
    havent decided yet if i will have a tree as we will be away for christmas.
    also love the aprons, they will be great i know. wish you could share more close ups of your grandmas stuff i love it.

  4. Sunshine,
    You are wearing me out, love the tree, now I need more decorations on mine. Now those aprons you are making? Will you run the sash through where the curtain rod would go? Or just put the Sash on the ends. I have curtains that might make a cute apron, this seems like a good idea.

  5. Sunshine--
    I've been looking through this thread (boss is away today :)) and I am just so amazed and excited by your talent. I love it all, but I think I especially love the bonnets...so...pure? I just adore them.

    The rugs are incredible, too. It's wonderful to create, but you must have the patience of Job!


  6. I do most things in my life in excess ( like hobbies and the like) Nancy your tree is probably lovely the way it is. I would like to get a few more ornaments for mine I would like to have more of the old world glass ornaments that I showed in the little pictures. I love those things. But not buying ornaments this year maybe next. I know silly But I have always loved the look of old world glass ornaments. I typically buy all my ornament s after Christmas when they are 90% off. Funny thing usually what is left is the real nice ornaments because people don't want to pay the high price. But after Christmas they are cheaper than the cheep ornaments and better quality too. So I wait a year them I get to enjoy them on the tree I do that with Halloween too.. I have been collecting ornaments since I was about 16 years old.

    Thank you Kygurlsbest: Just make sure you don't get in trouble at work I would hate to be the cause of that. My family loves the rugs to so much so the walk all over them :0) I have fun making bonnets I have made well over 1000 and I only own about 10 the rest were gifts to people I knew. I have since broken that habit as all I was doing was making bonnets and never getting anything done. I still make them but only on special occasions.

  7. well, i don't think your blog let me post and i am still too ditzy to figure it out.
    but i really liked looking at the tree and the aprons and everything. it is starting to look a lot like Christmas at your house.


  8. it did let you post I just check all post before they air as I got a lot of spam for a while and it stops that some was very mean to about 10 different religions and I didn't want that type of thing on my blog so now every thing goes through me first funny since I started to do that they all stopped I don't ever see them any more it is like they know I am watching for them.

  9. By the way, I just looked up your tutorial on the embroidered felt ornaments. We are having an ornament exchange at work on the 20th. I will post a picture when I am through! Thank you for the idea!

  10. Sunshine,
    Now my tree has lots of beads too, I had about 15 strands of beads I had gotten at a garage sale, I bought them for the kids to play dress up with, well they are mine now and on the tree.

  11. Loved to see a picture what color are your beads


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