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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Russian Needlepuch Nutcracker finished

My daughter finished her Nutcracker. To bad she forgot to tell me it was due the day before vacation so now it is late even though it is done.

I think she did a great job on it. When she gets it back from school we will have it framed in a shadow box hard to tell in the photos but this has a lot of depth to it.

She has the second round of awards on Tuesday night. She doesn't know yet, but she did win again. Not for her Russian Needle punch but for her chalk drawing. One of these days I am actually going to see that drawing because she completed it at school and entered it without me ever seeing it. Her Russian needle punch is in 3D art and there isn't a division of that at the State level of the Reflections program, so it was stopped at this level, I think. She will have fun with the awards ceremony as the mayor of our little town will give her the award. Pretty cool for a 7 year old.

To see all the posts on my daughter's Russian needle punch go here.

Update: Jan 2 2007 Well she turned it in today to find out it wasn't late after all. It is due at the end of the semester in two and a half weeks. She thought Christmas break was the end of the semester. So all is good and it is early instead of late. Plus we may get the other one back from the art contest and she can still turn that one in too.


  1. That turned out really nice...she did a great job!!! A shadow box will be perfect to frame it!! Looks like creativity sure runs in the family!

  2. if your daughter can master punch needle, why oh why can't I?????/


  3. Lil tips
    1. hold needle straight up and down
    2. tip of needle never leaves the fabric when pulling up just drag it across fabric to next punch
    3. keep stitches close and tight
    eye of needle faces away from direction of work
    4. Don't over load teh needle it will not flow well.
    5. Get a table hoop you will feel more secure about not stabbing yourself
    6. most of all have fun


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