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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Capes for the play

frontside with liningBecause my brain is tired from sewing so much I decided I would go to an easy sewing project capes.  There are about 5 capes in the play Aunt March has 2, Marmei 1, and Jo 2 can't think of others at the moment.  So I think that is all of them I have to make.  Which is not to say I have made all of them yet.  I have made 3 have the fourth one cut out and still figuring out the 5th one what I want to do for it....  Oh yeah! just remembered 1 more, funny I already made it and I forgot that Meg has one too when she is a witch.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hanna's last apron

IMG_2424IMG_2420This is the last apron for the character Hanna.  She still needs two dresses made for her.  This apron was sort of a pain to make I think I have not had enough good sleep lately becasue of all the sewing.  I tore out at least 10 different seams at least 3 to 5 times each.  It was truly a simple pattern I just could not think straight while sewing.  Once again I used a sheet I found thrift shopping to make the apron.

Amy's blue apron...and petticoat

This does not look like much by itself but with the blue dress that has a lot of details I thought it would be over the top to add a lot of detail to this apron. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amy's remake of Meg's dress

In the play to show time passing there is a dress that both the characters Meg and Amy wear.  Meg's dress has long sleeves and a high collar and a different belt I showed a little bit of it a few days ago with Mr. Laurence's scarf  I will try and post the finished dress tomorrow.   But Amy has her own style so when she gets the hand-me down she remakes the dress into this.  A short sleeved fancy belted lower neckline dress.   The dress does have a little too wide of a neckline so I am going to go back and rework that area by adding prairie points.  Will make a post about that when it is redone. Which should make the area around the neck less wide by a few inches and more comfortable for the actress.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The witch's gown...for the play within the play

witch hatThere is a play with in the play of little Women.  In that scene Meg is a witch, Amy is a princess, and Jo is Rodrigo the hero.  This is the outfit for Meg to wear in that part of the play.  The costuming description for this out fit said " long black cambric witch's cloak with gold paper trimming -- black peaked hat of same".  Very vague description so this is what I came up with.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Assembly: Coptic Sampler Book

sampler book cover
A very long time ago i showed a sampler book I made I made this tutorial and put it in draft form and forgot it was here.  Looked at all the drafts I had for my blog that I did long ago and realized this one was complete and never poster for the last 5 years.  Not sure how that happened but enjoy this new but old post.

Supplies for link stitch book (aka coptic book)
  • Finished covers: 
    • wood :plained, sanded smooth, with holes drilled in them
    • davey board :covered in decorative paper
    • fabric : sewn
  • signatures :Pressed and punched pages (pages in a group are known as signatures)
  • Curved or straight needle
  • Bone folder or iron (if it is paper, use a bone folder; if  it is fabric, you can use either a bone folder or iron)
  • Scissors
  • thread for sewing ( has to be strong can be waxed)
  • Teasing needle (or awl)

Picture 1
  • Shows how the first signature is sewn to the cover.
  • To tighten stitches use your needle to pull at the stitches.
  • Always make sure you have enough thread to sew on covers.
  • Never add thread when sewing on the covers, only add on the inside of a signature.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mr laurence's scarf

close detailBeen having lots of dental check ups for the family.  So while waiting for each persons turn I worked on this scarf for the play.  The color is copper worsted weight size 8 needles 4 blocks plus boarders wide and 85 blocks plus boarders long.  Unblocked that works out to 6 inches by 6feet 6 inches.   I do not know the blocked size as I have not done that yet to it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3 aprons for Hanna

back act 1frontA lot of the characters in this play wear aprons. I  think I will be making over nine aprons for the play some will be pinafore like.  The three in this post are for Hanna the servant and family friend.  She is supposed to have four aprons but I have not made the last one yet.  These aprons I am purposely re-purposing old items as the March family and Hanna are not supposed to have money for new things.  So these are made out of old faded bed sheets a few have little holes in them and so on.

The gray apron is the first one the character Hanna will wear.  It is meant to be reminiscent of the military stripes the men wear.   It is made from a gray sheet that had zero embellishments on it.  The ribbon i used at the waist and hem was a piece of gross grain two toned ribbon I saved from a gift someone gave me.  There is velvet ribbon on the pockets same ribbon used for Jo's red dress from Act 1.  The black cord you see is southache braid again.  The buttons on the collar are antique jet buttons and true to period.  The flowers you see are made out of double sided satin ribbon with 7 bead centers.

sideI am giving each apron at least 1 pocket some two so that the actors have places to put props they will use on stage like unlit candles and handkerchiefs and things of that sort.
  Usually in a play you do not put your backside to the audience,.  But just in case that happens I wanted the back to be just as interesting as the front on the aprons sometimes more so.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Jo's dress and Aunt March's and Amy's pantalets

cuffbackI finished a dress for Jo this last week it is the dress she wears in act 1. Since the character Jo wants to be in the military.  I tried to make this have a little bit of a military feel to the dress.

 I used vintage military buttons as a pin at the neck and at the bottom of the collar and on the sleeves.   The buttons come from a great aunt of mine and my Vavo both of which are in heaven.  I am keeping the costumes after the play so I am not worried that I will not have them anymore.  There is only one of the eagle one I used at the collar.  The rest of the buttons all match each other and have anchors on them.

front yoke and collar

Mr. Laurence's brown basketweave scarf

brown worsted weight wool
scarf wipIn the play Little woman" Mr. Laurence is supposed to have a long brown wool scarf.  I started his scarf while waiting for another play to start that my youngest daughter was in this last week.   Below is the pattern I came up with while standing in line pretty simple really just 3 different rows is all.  Free pattern and supplies below.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Finishing a few wip's

button detail
I have had a few wip's for a while.  So Sunday morning when i woke up i thought i would weave in their tails as that is all that needed to be done for months now but never got around to it.

wip's = works in progress

Saturday, February 02, 2013

little bits of this and that Mitts started

detailother side detail
I started to make these mitts yesterday.  I hope to finish them today.  I took a break from the play as my shoulders and arms got hurt the other day shoveling show in our yard.  You know you have a lot of snow in y our yard when you shovel it 5 times in one day .  Then you look at it a few hours later and everywhere you shoveled has a foot of snow again in the yard.  So I shoveled it again the next day and for some reason my right arm went all tingly and numb in some spots like I had pinched a nerve and others had lots of pain like a pulled muscle.

Little bit of this and that make yarn

hand for size reference
 I had some sample yarn cards that I purchased at a thrift store a few years
lace weight gray wool used as binderago.  I had originally thought I would use them in embroidery but that never happened.  I also had this cone of wool in lace weight also from a thrift store a while back. Between the two items I spent about 4 dollars so no big investment to say the least.  I was straightening up my project area and the basket that held the yarn samples tipped over and fell next to some purple roving.
some of the sample cards A thought quickly ran through my head that I could spin the samples the same as I would roving and make 1 long piece of usable yarn that was multicolored and funky with a life of its own just like the rugs in my home that I make. 

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