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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amy's remake of Meg's dress

In the play to show time passing there is a dress that both the characters Meg and Amy wear.  Meg's dress has long sleeves and a high collar and a different belt I showed a little bit of it a few days ago with Mr. Laurence's scarf  I will try and post the finished dress tomorrow.   But Amy has her own style so when she gets the hand-me down she remakes the dress into this.  A short sleeved fancy belted lower neckline dress.   The dress does have a little too wide of a neckline so I am going to go back and rework that area by adding prairie points.  Will make a post about that when it is redone. Which should make the area around the neck less wide by a few inches and more comfortable for the actress.
waist bandSome detail points of the dress I have used lots of different trims in the hopes of it looking like the March's like to embellish their clothes but because of finances do not have the money to buy trims so they are using up little bits of this and that to make their dresses pretty.   If you look in the picture just above you will see 7 trims just between the sleeves and waist and there are about 7 more on the dress. So I got my little bits of this and that and used up a lot of scrapes that are not big enough to make any one project but all grouped together work just fine.  I also could not find a striped fabric I liked well in my stash or at the store so yes I reverted to a bed sheet again for the striped fabric.  I think it came out well.  Since the character Amy is all about things fine and such I gave her hints of lace around the neck area.
detail neck

frontfrontI also used lots of upholstery trims again.  Around the neck, sleeves and hem of the dress ( hard to see in these photos sorry).  Very grateful for my friend who gave me 8 totes of upholstery trim at the beginning of the school year perfect timeing for this project.

I forgot to take a Epictetus of the petticoat with this dress it has wide blue lace on it and antique blue and white striped rick rack. I will try and remember when I take pictures of the new neckline when I get it done.

update remade neckline to not be so wide.  It was difficult to sew through 16 layers of fabric and trims with two trims being thick upholstery trim and one being heavily gathered lace ...  So it did not come out exactly as pictured in my head but I must go forward to other dresses and this will do for now. In case you are wondering those are called prairie points.
remake of neck line

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