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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mr laurence's scarf

close detailBeen having lots of dental check ups for the family.  So while waiting for each persons turn I worked on this scarf for the play.  The color is copper worsted weight size 8 needles 4 blocks plus boarders wide and 85 blocks plus boarders long.  Unblocked that works out to 6 inches by 6feet 6 inches.   I do not know the blocked size as I have not done that yet to it.

Funny part is I started looking for a woman’s civil war sweater to make for the play for the character Marmie to wear.  Wouldn't you know it I find one and it has the same block pattern i used for the scarf.  Providence I would say looks like I picked the right idea for the scarf other than worsted weight did not exist then oh well I am up for any thing I can do faster with this play and still look correct.  Marmie sweater is a kelly green that will be my new carry around project.  As sewing can only be done at home easily.

Th sweater is not meant to go with the blue dress you see started in the background.  That is one of the dresses that the character Meg will wear.  Amy is to have a similar one.  As she is supposed to remake the hand-me down into her liking.  The crochet collar you see on this dress is antique my Vova bought it for me to use in projects like this.  She actually bought me a few I have yet to use them all. 
 finished mr laurence's scarf

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