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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mr. Laurence's brown basketweave scarf

brown worsted weight wool
scarf wipIn the play Little woman" Mr. Laurence is supposed to have a long brown wool scarf.  I started his scarf while waiting for another play to start that my youngest daughter was in this last week.   Below is the pattern I came up with while standing in line pretty simple really just 3 different rows is all.  Free pattern and supplies below.

true to color
  • worsted weight brown wool
  • size 8 knitting needles
wipcast on 26 stitches

repeat 1: k all stitches do this row 5 times before going to repeat 2

repeat 2: k9,p4,k4,p4, k5  do this row 5 times before going to repeat 3

repeat 3: k5,p4,k4,p4, k9  do this row 5 times before going to repeat 2

do repeats 2 and 3 till about 3/4 of an inch from desired length then do repeat 1 one more time.  cast off cut and finish thread.

I have not finished mine yet for the play I will add an updated picture of it when all completed.  Mine is 6 inches wide unblocked, length to be determined yet.  You of course can make yours what ever length you want.  Play calls for it to be long what ever that means.

update February 16 2013
updated photos of finished piece sorry I only have female dress forms
finished mr laurence's scarf

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