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Monday, July 12, 2010

Part 14: little blue dress with sash

Update my sister in law reminded me that the family had a picture of grandma wearing this at the age of three she sent it to me in an email so I could add it here.  Now that she showed me this I am happy I went and got a blue ribbon as you can tell from the photo that is what it had yeah for me for guess correctly.I am also adding the updated photo with the blue satin ribbon I added to it.
Eleanor Drake 3 yrs old

with new ribbon

Grandmothers on my husband and my side of the family had dresses made in this pattern.  My family does not have theirs any more as a fire destroyed most heirlooms in my family when my grandmother was a teenager.  I do have a photo of her wearing a dress very similar just in white for her holy communion where this on is in blue.  So I was super happy to see this one and tell my grandmother about it.  She thought it was so cool as it was one of her favorite dresses as a child.  Hers was a little fancier than this one and it is hard to see in the old photo.
close up of my grandmother
Now on to this one.

It has french lace the original belt sash was missing so I places a ribbon for this photo but it was too white to leave it with the out fit so I have since purchased 2 yards of blue double sided satin ribbon instead and it looks much better with that.  The piece you see hanging down that sort of looks like an apron is actually the collar on this blue one.  On my grandmothers there was a second lace collar added to make it a little fancier.
front  waist
I figure you have looked at so many of these by now with all of these posts that I don't have to explain them quiet as much as I did in the beginning.  I have been patterning these on graph paper and am thinking about either making patterns to post on here or sell or do some tutorials on how to do heirloom sewing so other people can make these things too.

neck area
Tomorrows post will be the last dress that was owned by our family older than my generation there will also be a bonnet after that dress. I have a few of these type of clothes in my own collection so I will show them too. If you are wondering why you have not seen my own projects as of late. I am enjoying these and I have been trying to get all my stuff out of storage from our move last year so I can get some of my older projects done and my house organized.  I have also been on a quest locally to find some 100% cotton batiste that didn't cost 20 dollars a yard.  Can I say excited when I found some at 5 dollars a yard that is 60 inches wide where the other was half as wide and 4 times the price per yard which with the width difference is 8 times the price.  Sewers happy dance on that day.  I bought what they had left on the bolt.  They said as soon as they got their next shipment it would double or triple in price.  Even a happier dance that they let me know because I would have been real sad to go in later to the real high price where as I could buy the rest of the bolt at the cheep price knowing that.

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