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Monday, November 26, 2007

And the socks were hung....

what hangs on my sewing room door

This is on the door of my sewing room. I was home from church on Sunday with two sick kids, one who has been sick since Monday at 5 a.m. the other just for a little bit (I think indigestion or something fleeting like that). The first I am thinking this is her last day of being sick; no fevers today, just a cough and a runny nose. Cross my fingers; sleep would be good after a week of being kicked at night and woken up for water, medicine, and socked in the mouth a few times while asleep. Yep, she wakes up scared from the fevers and comes out swinging. She has quite the hook on her; I have the fat lip to prove it. She apologized so many times when she was awake, but I told her it was OK because how can you be grumpy at a person who does something in their sleep, and doesn't know they are doing it, and is sick? I just can't. Anyway back to the topic: I wanted to write about socks, the type you hang by the fireplace, not the type you get in the middle of the night from a sick six year old.
boy sock  5

I have been trying to figure out what to get, make, my husband's older sister and her family (I don't think they read this blog, I think the other siblings do on occasion). Anyway, I remembered an old promise (10 + years old) that when they where done having kids I would make them all Christmas socks. Well, she is pregnant and said she was done two babies ago. So I figured I best just make those socks and add as needed. Counting bun in the oven, there are a total of eight in that family. So I got out my fabric samples from upholstery store books and got to making some socks. Eight in one day! I thought it would take much longer than it did; I hope they like them. There are only two females in the family, so the rest are for boys; I hope at least six look boyish, or at least passable for a boy.
boy sock 4boy sock 3boy sock 2
girl sock
dad sock
boy sock 1
mom sock

What does the antique baby dress have to do with this post? Nothing; it is just what hangs on my sewing room door when I am not taking photos and using the hook it hangs on.

I'm still having lighting issues in my sewing room. My husband and I think it is because of the color of the room. It is a bonus room above our garage, and the ceilings are slanted and lower than in the other rooms. So all the light in there is bouncing off of this color on the walls that has a pink under-color; thus all my pictures right now have a pink cast to them. I am going to have to make a small white room or something to take photos in so I can correct that problem or something because this is driving me crazy!

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