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Friday, February 16, 2007

Update on Rug / WIP part 2

I have been working on the rug the last few days. I have twelve rows braided and eight sewn to the rug. It is interesting to watch where the colors end up. All the strips had been tossed in a random pile and mixed up by three kids. Then they were grabbed at random by three little kids and handed to me to sew, making about twenty random wheels/reels to grab from as I braided. What is funny is that all the pink from one pair of jeans is pretty much ending up on one end and one side of the rug. I don't mind; it's just interesting. I think the rug is coming out nice.

The top photo shows the rug with the twelve rows around it after they have been braided and five of them stitched in place. The bottom one shows eight rows stitched in place.

The yellow glove in the photos is what I wear to keep my hands from getting cut up. It is hard to see in the photos, but if you look closely, you will see a five inch needle; that is what I am using to stitch the braids to the rug. Bottom photo, left side near glove, you can see it the best.

Dimensions of rug currently are one foot four inches wide by six feet four inches long. When all twelve rows are stitched to it, the measurement will be two feet wide by seven feet long.IMGP3193
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  1. wow, that is incredible! It's going to look so great when it's done. I don't think I could do a project that big tho. But I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.

  2. That is coming out great, Sunshine! Love the colors!

  3. I just love your rug! Just how are you attaching those three inch strips together? Are you just sewing them together on your machine end to end? Then pressing the seam open? Are you then pressing the strips in half lengthwise? I think you have hit on the ultimate recycling project!

  4. The strips are sewn on a 45 degree angle so that all the bulk is not in one spot in the braid but dispersed over a few inches so as not to get a big lump in the work. Then they are folded in half making them 1 1/2 inches wide then wound into reels. When braiding they are folded one more time making them about 1/2 an inch, the braid itself is about 1 inch wide. So each round adds two inches in width to the rug. No pressing is involved in this project just machine/hand sewing and braiding. I think when I use up all the jean I have I will leave the end undone so I can add to it as more jeans become worn out for cloths use.

  5. I think this is incredible! I will now save my jeans with a purpose in mind rather than just the "someday I'll need these" attitude. Brava!


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