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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Part 5: Braids

Well, I have braided every scrap of denim in the house, all that we had worn out, that is. This gives you an idea of the size of the rug and the look of it. If you look you can see a yellow size small womans glove in the top left of the photo for a size reference.I did all this last bit of braiding in the last two days. I hope to get the rug all stitched today and call it good. This is one of the fastest rugs I have made and trust me, my hands feel the burn from doing so much work with a fiber that doesn't want to play nice. It is a little hard on the hands to braid, but the real hard part is stitching the braids together. Last night when I went to bed my hands had swollen some. They are ok right now and ready for more punishment. I have truly done a whiplash to my hands on this one.
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  1. Wonderful! Another potential use for all those jeans I have been saving! Beautiful job!

  2. Wow, that is an amazing rug. I have a braided rug that my grandmother made. My mom can pick out the fabric from the dresses she wore as a youth.

  3. Please be careful. Several years ago I did too much heavy weeding with my hands, and they did what yours did here. Now I have arthritis in my hands and had to give up knitting and crocheting because it gives me trigger finger. That is the ONLY arthritis I have.

  4. thank you for your comment i appr4ciate it, I have arthritis have for years, so your concern is correct just have a hard time stopping my self from making thins

  5. How do you do the braiding? What length? And how do you add the strips to what you are working on? In other words, how long are the strips you are braiding?

    1. there is a serious of tutorials on my blog about that...the adding on is in the tutorial.... the strips length is unknown to me i make baskets full and reels full what ever fits on them once again see tutorials


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