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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Saturday, Monday, Wednesday Valentine's

I am a little behind on posting the Valentines from the Ladies at MJF so let's get caught up today.

Wednesday, February 7,
Newheart sent this Valentine that is very bright and cheery. She was already sending me a cook book, so it was two presents in one. I love the center sticker; it's very pretty.Monday, February 5,
Beemoosie's: We have the continuing theme of the candy kiss stamp. I think it looks cute with the postage going through it. Almost looks like it is waving. OK, I am silly.

The card is stunning that came from her. She did some layering of stickers and a paper doily; the back ground is pretty cool, too. It has a lot of flower meanings and different things hidden on it discreetly. Very nice job.

Miss Bee Haven tied two paper doilies together to make a valentine that opened up. It took me a second to realize that because they nested very well. She did a little painting and writing on the doilies to add interest to them.

Nancy Jo: Well, she just loves scrap booking, and it shows. It is just too bad that the post office mangled the top of the card. I like the added beads and that she used what Victorian era people called scrapes. Bemoosie did, too, but hers where stickers. I think Nancy photo copied real ones; not sure on that, though.We have confetti from Mommom . This is actually a very big card. She did some rubber stamping in the middle and colored it in, too. She also put rubber stamps on the back of the envelope (shown at the bottom of the Valentine).Whisperingpines: Very unique in the shape she has chosen. We have confetti again. I think these were glued on, originally, but they came off in the post. A little decoupage and puffy paint, too.
Saturday February 3

From sleeplessreader we have a real cute little crocheted heart that is stitched in place. I like that this looks real simple but has a presence all its own.From suzyhomemaker we have a very cute Valentine that has six hearts hand stitched on with pearl cotton. She had the theme going from the start with the stamp, of course, the kiss and three stickers on the outside of the envelope. Very sweet.

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