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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bubble Pink Quilt #1

I call this the bubble gum pink quilt for the obvious reason; all the pink in the background. I made this top a few years ago. Heather showed a Grandmother's Flower Garden in progress. This one is my Grandmother's Flower Gardens in progress; I actually have a few in progress, using different size hexagons. This one uses 3/4 inch hexagons. The pink in the background actually comes from a feather down comforter my husband and I used when we taught nursery. It was the gathering place for all the kids to sit and sing while we waited for everyone to show up for class. We taught that class for a little over two years. When the comforter wore out it made sense to use it in something else, so now the 40-some kids we taught are remembered in this quilt. The quilt measures four and one half feet by nine feet. I know that is an odd measurement; I made it to fit on the back of a sofa and to get the most use out of the pink fabric. The scrapes from this quilt made a doll quilt that is currently being hand quilted. This quilt has yet to be set on a frame for quilting.

English paper piecing:
This is a group about people who like to hand piece using the English paper piecing method or any other type of foundation piecing.
English paper piecing/ foundation piecing. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


  1. This "Bubble pink quilt" is fabulous ! It proves that an "oldie" pattern can make such a young looking quilt !
    I just LOVE English Paper Piecing, and would be very much be interested in being part of your group, how do I procedd ?
    Thanks for your kind help !

    Enjoy your quilting !
    Smiles, from Nadine in Belgium.

  2. To join group all you have to do is have a flickr account. They are simple to set up and free. Then you can just click on the link on my blog and go directly to th egroup page and on the bottom right it will say something like join group click on that and your in that simple.


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