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Saturday, July 21, 2012

gloves, gloves , gloves

there are 3 pairs of lace gloves under construction currently in my home

Pair number 1 by me

irish gloves threadbook photo irish glovesThis pair of gloves my daughter wanted to make but she kept getting hung up on the pattern so i decided to work them for me instead.  When she saw them half way done she realized what her mistake was and it was a simple one.  She had just forgotten to turn her work is all.  At the end of each round and go back and fourth instead of around the hand. She did not give up on making gloves but went to another pair for starters.  The photo at the left is what they look like in the book.   Below is where I am on them as of last night.  As you can see part way through one glove and a little started on the second glove.  Have not even started the cuffs yet.  These are supposed to be size 60 thread but I am doing them in size 50 hope they still work out ok I have a tight tension going so it should.
irish gloves under construction

Pair number 2 by my 14 year old daughter...
book photoMy daughter is trying to make her own set of gloves.  She just graduated from the eighth grade and knows that I had a pair of lace mesh gloves my grandmother bought me when I graduated.  She wanted a pair of her own.  Her first set of ladies gloves.  Sort of funny as she had her first pair as a baby in arms when I taught myself to crochet that was the first thing I made was lace gloves for her baby blessing.   But in her head I think it is a sort of right of passage to have them at the end of eighth grade.  I did not make mine she is making hers so she has more skill than I did at that age.  She is using size 20 thread to make these the pattern has the option of two different cuffs so I do not know yet as to which she has chosen.
gloves my daughter is making ( she is 14 years old)
gloves my 14 year old daughter is making

Pair number 3 by me
copying a pair of gloves i repaired recently
gloves I repaired repently trying to remember what I saw and makeI wanted to make a copy of those gloves before they left.  But time eluded me and that was not able to happen so I took a lot of photos of it which you can see here.  In the hopes that I could make something similar.  I know this does not look like much but the stitch counts are correct on this part as I still had the glove in hand when I did this so everything from here on out on this pair of gloves is strictly from photos I took and good educated guesses.

entire glove showing holeBelow is a photo of the gloves I am sort of copying.  Reason I say sorta obviously mine is not pink or pearl cotton but size 10 bead spread weight cotton which has a different hand to it not as soft or pliable but endures better so that is why I choose it plus it is what I hand at the time and it is working up the same gauge with a  size 5 hook.


  1. Gloves are very pretty--you and your daughter are doing a great job. Seeing your post today brought back memories of being a young child in the 60s and my mom making sure I had pretty and dressy gloves on when we went to church. Times have certainly changed since then.

  2. my children still like to dress up when going to church and wear crinolines and lace gloves quiet often times only change if you want them to on certain things my children want them to turn back.

  3. Can you tell me where you got the pattern for the gloves (especially the one with flowers down the back)?


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