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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Popcorn stitch afghan repair work

good block
I lady came by on the 5th to show me three afghans she needed cleaned and repaired.  This is the first one I am working on and probably the worse one in dirt.  Three tub fulls of water to get this one to come mostly clean.  Looked light tan when I got it.  Looks light ecru now.  This is why I highly recommend cleaning before repair or the repair will look nothing like the afghan after it is cleaned.
This is an afghan but the lady kept calling it a table cloth that happens almost every time people just do not know what they own.  For starters anything with popcorn, bobble or puff stitch is either a afghan or a decorative table cloth not one you place food on as the plates will not lay flat and you will get more spilling of food on the cloth.  That is the case with this item so many food stains it is beyond belief most came out those that did not are tons lighter now.  Too bad they had been left in the afghan so long they have caused permanent damage.  The top photo is what the blocks are supposed to look like with out holes.  The rest are all the blocks that are in need of repair with 1 or more holes in them.  The original maker used the long chain method when constructing these blocks which is  perfectly fine way of doing things except you usually count the first row of blocks and stop where needed to and cut off the excess chain.  Nope she just made as many blocks as she had chain and fixed it on the second row with out cutting the excess chains off.  So on the back of most of these blocks is the excess blocks sort of weird to look at but since that is how the original maker wanted it that will stay that way.  I will post photos of that at a later date to show you what I mean.  Since I have to make a sample block of this to get gauge correct look for this pattern in the near future for free on my blog.  The first photo below has no holes and is what the blocks will look like after repair the rest are in need of some sort of repair.  The afghan is 7 squares by 8 square so 56 blocks with 14 needing repair work.
repair work under reconstruction


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