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Friday, April 27, 2007

RAZR Flower Cozy

RAZR Flower Cozy, originally uploaded by sunshine's creations.
I was thinking of something to do for whiplash and I was inspired by a blanket I was making with Irish roses. I thought the roses might give the phone a buffer from getting scratched and dropped.

I have a habit of wearing pajama pants with shallow pockets. My phone is always falling out and hitting the ground; not good. Also, girls tend to wear clothes that don't seem to have any pockets so this corrects that problem, too.

The flowers add a little bit of thickness, so if the necklace swings forward, it doesn't damage the crystal face by bumping into things. Sort of a flower granny square item, made from vintage thread I found at thrift stores and left overs from other projects.

I could have just made it with six flowers (and probably should have) with about 5 rows at the top of single crochet. But NO! I wanted to make sure the item had enough clearance at the top to stay in the cozy. So I used nine, three up and three around; not bad, just a little far to reach down from the top. Still, better that than trying to get into my back pocket while seat belted into a car.

Here is the pattern for the flowers if you want to make one, too. (I recommend six flowers, not nine.)

Round 1: (right side) ch5 ( this equals 1 dc plus ch2), (dc in ring, ch 2)5x, j with slst to first dc: 6 ch2 sp

Round 2: sl st in first ch 2 sp, ch1, work ( sc, hdc,5dc, hdc,sc) in same sp and in each sp around; j with sl st to first sc. ( 6 petals)

Round3:ch1, sc in same st, ch3, keep chain 3 behind the petals, ( sci n first sc on nt petal, ch3) around; j with sl st to first sc ( 6 ch 3 spaces)

Round4: Sl st in first ch3 sp, ch 1, make ( sc, hdc, 7dc, hdc, sc ) in same sp and in each space around;j with sl st to first sc; (6 petals)

Round 5: Ch1, sc in same st, ch 5, keep chain 5 behind petals, ( sc in first sc in nt petal, ch5) around, j with sl st to first sc. ( 6 loops

Round 6: Sl St in fist lp, ch 1, ( sc in same lp, ch 5)2x, (sc in nt lp, ch 5)2x,(sc,ch5) 2x in nt lp, (sc in nt lp,ch5)2x; j with sl st to first sc. ( 8 loops)

round7: Sl st in first loop, ch3 ( counts as 1st dc) (dc,ch3,2dc)(shell) in same lp, ch3, (sc,ch3)2x in nt loop,(picot) * (2dc, ch3)2x (shell)in nt lp, (sc, ch3)2x in nt lp; repeat from * 2x more; j with sl st to first dc, finish off threads.

Other flowers are done the same except on the last row shells are (2dc,ch1 sl shell on other flower, ch1 2dc) and picots that join other picots are (first flower)sc ch1 sc (second flower) ch1 sc in same space on first flower.
I used Romanian lace cord for the cord to hold the cozy (update on cord video tutorial). The cord was stitched to the top of the cozy between two flowers and into the middle picot of the opposite flower. If you have questions, please ask.

Update: I forgot to say it is a size 6 or 7 hook you use, whichever you prefer, and you can use knit cro sheen or size 10 bedspread weight thread.




  1. I have a question. For Round 6 where it says (sc in nt lp,ch5)2x; which is the very last part, I know you Single crochet in next loop, chain five, single crochet in next loop, but I'm not sure if you are supposed to still chain five before you join to the next stitch. Can you help me?
    Thanks for the pattern!


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