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Monday, April 02, 2007

Waste Not Want Not

coat of many colors blanket <span class=
In a post dated July 26, 2006, over on Poppalina I found that she showed a wonderful little baby jacket she made from scraps: "Baby Wedding Jacket". I just loved it; it reminded me of a project I started a few years back using of scrapes of 6-stranded embroidery thread, knit cro-sheen, and size 10 crochet thread. I have no idea when this project will ever get finished, nor do I care. It is just fun every now and again to sit down and make some Irish roses and add a square or two or add a few shells to the boarder. It is one of those projects that, if it takes you a lifetime, you just don't care; the journey getting to the end is worth so much more than the end result. This has antique threads, new threads, you name it in it cotton, rayon, and metallic.
coat of many colors blanket
I can look at this and see parts of dresses I have made for my children and thread that was used on doilies and things like that. All are a piece of something else and a whole together. It is fun to see it grow I am purposely doing the edges first because, if I have a scrap of thread to small to make a rose, I can add it to the edge. The roses are easy to drop in anywhere, while the edges have to have something to go into first. So I guess after a while I will fill in the middle, but 'till then the edges grow slowly.
boarder shells


  1. Hi there - thanks for your comments on my blog. I would love to join the Yo-yo flickr group. I'll get myself sorted and upload some pics soon. Thanks too for sharing the egg tutorial. A clever idea. I'll try this one tomorrow. You have a lovely blog - will come back soon. Thanks again. Mary

  2. I love this kind of project. I used my scraps to make a crochet blanket that I gave my mum. She finished all the loose ends of the thread and added a border. It means a lot more now that she has passed away because she worked on it too and really loved it.

  3. Dear Sunshine,

    The only other person I've ever known who would consider making a quilt from the outside in.

    Do you suppose we were separated at birth?

  4. Sunshine,

    That is interesting how you're putting it together. It's so pretty. Love your blog.



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