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Monday, March 05, 2007

On the go with flowers

People always wonder how so many projects get done and posted. Well people on the Internet ask me; my family knows. I always carry some sort of project with me. I also have about 200 or 300 projects going at once in different stages of finished. So, it isn't hard to complete something that is already started.

If you have kids who love beads, or if you have a thrift store around, you probably can find one of these boxes. This one is from a thrift store; we actually have about three more of these in the house but they still have kids' beads in them so I wasn't allowed to have them. When the kids are done with the beads, like that will ever happen, then I can claim those boxes for more projects.

My family knows I love boxes to keep projects in. If a new type of cookie comes home in a metal tin, it is a sure bet the cookies are for the family but mom only wants the box. The kids always say, "Look, mom got a new box!" instead of "Look, cookies!" This is a sort of traveling sewing-project kit. At a moment's notice it is ready to go. It has a needle attached to a piece of paper so it doesn't get lost, a pair of scissors, thread and thirty flowers and papers, all set to go. It also has a section of green hexagons all ready to go to make into diamond shapes. There is also a big work area where the green is and a lid to keep it all safe while traveling and working on it in the car (while hubby is driving, of course). This is actually the start of two quilts. If you have read previous posts, you know I have made one a mini grandmother's flower garden with over 5,500 pieces. If you didn't know, I have three daughters; one is going to be made for each of them. That means I have two more to make; here is the start of both of them. One will be all flowers, and one will be diamond shapes. This way all three quilts are made in the same technique, but each has a look slightly different than the other two.

I have made large grandmother's flower gardens and doll-size ones as well. They also travel nicely like this. I have other quilts in the works as well.

English paper piecing:
This is a group about people who like to do hand piecing using the English paper piecing method or any other type of foundation piecing with a machine.
English paper piecing/ foundation piecing. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


  1. Wow. That is so organised. I think I need to try something like that. My sewing table is such a mess at the moment I can't find anything.

  2. That is a great idea for those little bead organizers. Pretty amazing tiny little hexagons you are working on. I love all kinds of tins as well - I think they becomes a bit addictive after a while :))

  3. I always feel better after a visit with you. I am not quite up to your standards but I do think in multiples as you seem to and I like things with small pieces.


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