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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Button, button who's got the button?

So this morning I was looking to put a button in my mother of pearl button boxes.

I sort my buttons by what they are made of like plastic, metal, glass, MOP, shank and holes. It was a big mistake to try and put this one button away. I should have just left it alone all by itself in a random box. In the process of figuring out which box it went in I dumped both. Nothing like 4,000-5,000 buttons that need to be sorted into categories like : shank, four hole, two hole, one hole, colors, and vintage glass and metal. This made it so almost nothing got done for the day. But now I have nice little plastic round containers, grocery store find (actually medicine bottles), to separate the shanks and I am stringing the ones with holes that have a pair the ones that are one of a kind are just sorted by color and amount of holes or shank style. So at least next time it won't be such a mess. I guess it is good that this happened, in a way. I am about two-thirds the way through with straightening them. Almost done. Yeah!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my! I thought it was bad when I dumped some beads, but all those buttons!

    Curious what the medicine things cost. I've bought the stackers in Michael's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Cabela's. They've ranged fronm $1.99-$3.99 for the small size, which it looks like these are.

  2. Hey Sunshine - I tried to send you a reply to your comment over at my site and the email wouldn't go through. But seeing as your post here is about your button woes, I'll just quote myself from that email, cuz it applies,

    "Here's a thought - you could experiment with gluing buttons onto cards. The red, turquoise and orange buttons in the photo were glued to their cards instead of stitched. I haven't pulled them off yet and seen how well they clean up, but I think they'll be fine. Maybe white glue, like Elmer's?"

    Yah, it's odd to quote myself, but easier than rethinking things, right?

  3. I noticed I have that problem on some blogs that is why I always put my link at the bottom of my post so if someone wants to answer a question for me or has a question we can still get in contact with each other. thanks for the thought I will probably mill both ideas over for a bit. As that is a real hugh project. Not sure I want to go there just yet.


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