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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lava lava part 1

I was asked to show a back flap lava lava and a front flap.

Here are the directions for the back flap. The front flap version, and how to make it, is in the next post.

First, start with fabric corner on the right hip. Then you wrap it in front of your body. Continue this around the back until you come to the front again. Tie the knot on hip. If a wind blows this will not open up and show your skin. To show skin you have to open 3/4 of the dress; see picture. If you are standing in a wind that strong you should go inside; it is not safe. This is not like the dresses from the 60's that only 1/4 of the dress opens and you are exposed. This is a real simple skirt to make. If you ever decide you don't want it any more, you still have all your yardage, minus the fringe part, to make something else out of.

These photos where taken by my 8 year old; I couldn't find my tripod -- sorry if they are a little weird. I know the skirt is dark, so if you click on the picture you will get a bigger photo that's easier to see.


  1. I like them. I wear them to the grocery store, shopping, to my kids, school, around the house while doing chores, to church. I think they are comfortable. Just make sure you make them out of rayon. If they are made out of cotton they are very hard to wear. With cotton they are stiff don't flow, fit, nicely,and rayon has a little give that cotton doesn't to make it easier to tie. The first one I sugest any one make has real long fringe in case you make it too small you should still be able to tie it with the fringe. It can also be used like a shall. This type of thing if you are in a bathing suit can also be a dress cover up just tie above breasts and below arm pit ( wasn't a nice description wasn't sure how to phase it. Then it is a wrape around dress. I hope that was understandable. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Do you know what they call those clips you can tie a lava lava through to keep it from slipping? It's basically a disc with two whole sin it to tie the fabric through. I got some in Hawaii and then shared them with family and am looking for more :) Thanks!

  3. sorry I don't but I have seen them at fabric stores neat the buttons area

  4. ok this is weir there was a comment that disappeared it was about the thing you uses to tie a lava lava I do not know the name of them but I have seen them at fabric and craft stores so try there


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