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Monday, October 15, 2007

Turkish lace hunt HELP PLEASE!!!

Photos on this page are from the Turkey set by ralmonline on flickr so please check out her photos on flickr

I am on a search for Turkish and Armenian Lace books. I am specifically looking for pattern books on Oya, Oyasi and Oyalari lace, sometimes called Bebilla lace in Greece. This can be beaded, crochet, knotted, or tatted patterns; it comes in all those styles, and I do make those types of laces. So if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. For all I know the page links I have given here may say how to get pattern books but, since I can't read that language, I do not know. Any help would be appreciated.
Story about an artist in Idaho


  1. If you find the books could you let me know please? They look fascinating!

  2. I have a friend in Greece, although she's originally Macedonian (Yugoslavian). I'm going to see if she can help us! Didn't even occur to me to ask her.

  3. PS: I sent off a note to a gf of mine who lives here, is of Greek descent, and, who knows, she might be able to help me.

    There's also a guy who runs the local smoke/newspaper shop. He's from Cypress. I'm going to jot off the types of lace down, and see if he can help, too.

    Cypress, is that lovely little country, in the sea between Greece and Turkey... who knows? He might help!

  4. I contacted one of the neighbor ladies from the article in Idaho,,,she is willing to show me how to do the Armenian lacing as she was taught by the lady in the article. She told me the lady in the article passed away about a year ago. She also told me how I can contact the other neighbor lady. So now as soon as I can figure out a transportation way, I'll see if I can meet up with her. She has a couple of books that Mrs. Riley had ordered for her at the time she was teaching her, she will bring along. I do know though that what she learned was the needle lacing. She said it uses a tapestry needle. So you may already know how to do that one. She also said she can look at crocheting and convert it into the needle lace too.

  5. Please keep me informed on what you find out. I wish I could take classes on it but I don't think there is anyone near me.

  6. Hello from Istanbul. I am interested in " oya ". I have some books in Turkish.I am attending an Oya course new. I don't know how is it doing? I am trying to learn. What do you want to learn about Turkish Oyas? Can you send me an e-mail? My adress is balanyali@ttnet.net.tr
    with my best wishes
    from Istanbul

  7. hello,
    how are you? did you send me email? there was a problem in my pc. If you sent, i didn't get it. can you repeat it? maybe i can help you .
    with my best wishes.

  8. Yes I sent an email. I am happy to send it again. I am looking for any type of instruction on making oya lace any type of oya needle lace, tatted, or crochet. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    take care sunshine

  9. please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XweZDJ7vKc4

    you can fınd.ı am frm turkey and ıf you want ı wıll sent u
    ı wısh u happy new year

  10. I would love any thing you can send me as I have been looking for information for years and just am not finding any more information. Thank you for any information at all.

    take care

  11. Try this one:

    Also you can check Turkish handcraft blogs.

  12. Hello. I'm Zübeyde. I' am Turkish woman (admin of www.turkishcrochet.com)I have posted some oya patterns (crochet) in my blog. You may see some good example of Turkish oya there. I may help you about crochet oyas but not about needlework or tattes ones.

  13. Barb
    tucson.mzekala@hotmail.com |

    I have been able to locate books on ebay using “oya” as a search term. There’s a great boo “Oya Culture Since the Ottomans ” with h literally hundreds of designs in crochet, needlelace, hairpin lace, and some that include beads. It’s like a catalog of designs with a photo, line drawing and instructsion of each example. It was a bit expensive but definitely worth the price.


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