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Friday, August 18, 2006

pillow skirt

FREE PATTERN FOLLOW LINK Here is my new skirt made from a pillow case.

Please go here to find pattern/instructions. From start to finish was less than 10 minutes total.

If you want, you can use new or vintage pillow cases. I like the old ones. Mine, I think, is from the late 60's to early 70's.

But it could be real charming with a real old pillow case that is embroidered on and has a lace edge. That might take a little longer as it might have to be lined or just wear a slip if you care about such things. Most real old cases are white; depending on the thread count it might have to be lined -- this one did not.

Sorry for blurry photo; my 8 year old couldn't sit still while taking the photo.

Here is the link in case it breaks again


  1. another real simple skirt pattern

    real simple to make 1/2 is done already.

    this may sound real weird but you can also use a pillow case as a skirt. Saw it on a blog a while back it was actually cute too. Told my husband I wanted to make one. His responce was funny. Well you have worn weirder things than that.


    above is a link so you can see what I mean. Of course you have to be able to fit your hips in a pillow case. This would never work for my mom.

    Just think of all the old hand work done on pillow cases it could be real fun. OK I am an art person and weird I know.

  2. It's not weird at all, actually looks great on the model! Seeing you in your wrap skirt, I'm sure you'd look great in this one, too. I think you've gotten your husband "broken in" Somehow, the idea of my hips fitting into a pillowcase seems like a long shot! Maybe a sheet... However, a tube of cotton jersey, diagonally cut, with a drawstring is what I'm presently wearing--I didn't make it. My Kenmore, age about 30 years doesn't do knits well at all.


  3. you know is really weird trying to explain to an 8 year old why she is taking a picture of her mothers backside to put on the internet. It has been the tail end of a few jokes today at our house.

  4. Sunshine -- I love that pillowcase skirt! I immediately got out a pillowcase and held it up to me . . . hard to 'try on' a pillowcase, by the way. May have to leave that idea to you slim-hipped gals.

  5. DUMB SEWER HERE, How do you determine how much elastic to put in a skirt? Do you measure your waste and that is the amount?And when you put the elastic in do you just sew the ends or tack it down all around?

  6. yes you sew the ends together.

    Elastic is typically your waist measurement minus 2 - 7 inches depending on how snugg a feel you like. I test it by figuring it out put a pin through it and pin it on my waist to see how it feels then adjust as needed. I hope this helps each person is little differnt on how they like their clothes to feel that is why the differnce.

  7. to Katie-ell I did the same thing. Must mean we both have great minds if we think a like. Just let me pretend for 2 seconds. OK 1.... 2..... OK I am back to a reality check.

  8. Sunshine,
    I saw that photo and I have some sheets that are the same pattern but in pink! They are my favorites and I wish I had a whole set! I have 1 queen top sheet and 2 pillowcases only 1 of those in good condition. I'm still saving them because I love the pattern so much...very cheerful!

  9. I tried using your link and it doesn't work.
    Just thought you'd like to know.


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