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Monday, August 16, 2010

Progress on Romanian Bolero in color

entire pattern

I decided to fill with color.  I have done that some in the past but have not shown to much on here.  The cord is size 10 boil-fast antique 100% cotton thread,  The filling threads are size 30 some are antique, the yellow, and some are new but discontinued colors by DMC the brown, pink and green.  I still want to make another one of these in this pattern maybe a few more in solid colors like all white, or all black.  I am not real sure the size of this I am hoping it will fit me looks like it is real close to my size might be a tad small.  I hope not.  If it is I will either sell it or have my oldest daughter wear it and I will make a copy of the pattern and blow it up so I can make another in my size.  I am pleased so far with the progress on this.
lower center back detailcenter backshoulderflower detailfront left sideback detail


  1. Wow! where does one find such a pattern?

  2. I love to see your blog and I´d like to ask you how you do the drawings to make that bolero in romanian lace. I don´t get to do that,do you have some drawings that we can use?My English is no perfect,ok! But I always see yoou in internet I´m from Brazil. I thank you in advance and I´ll be waiting for your answer. Kisses from Mari

  3. you can use any pattern you like realize that the stitching together of the motifs makes it smaller. So if you have a favorite sewing pattern go up a few sizes draw that as your pattern. Minus seam allowances. Then do your line drawing inside the pattern edges flowers swirls what ever you want. This is all drawn a piece of cloth not paper. Bast the cord to the fabric then and do the needle filling stitches this will later be removed from the work. When stitching the filling stitches you are looking at the wrong side of the work you only see the from once the piece is no longer basted to the fabric pattern


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