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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bolero progress while on vacation

close up on done side ( this is the back of the work)
Here is the progress I made at granddaddy's house and in the four hour drive home from there.  You can also see a little bit of the progress I have made on the heirloom blouse.  I am thinking about putting a battenberg yoke on it (that use to be a collar) to make it a little fancier in the yoke area still thinking on that part of things and you can see the type of collar I am putting on the blouse.  Also you may have noticed I have added lace around the hem of the blouse.  Just so it is clear these two items would not be worn together on me they are just both on the mannequin at the same time to test things out.
front side that is finished
To place the bolero on the dress-form easily it is actually inside out because it is still attached to the pattern.  The pink fabric you see is a pattern that is over 100 years old.  You can see where it is still attached to the pattern which is where I am still working on it.  This has close to two hundred hours of time in it already.  That of course is the cord making too.  This is why I don't mind giving my children the supplies to make one well because the expense isn't in the thread it took to make it  but in the time involved and the skill needed to make the filling stitches and cord and baste to the pattern.  In their case I would do the tracing of the pattern too as I wouldn't let them use the original it wouldn't survive the abuse of children working on it.  But a new copy on muslin would.  I just don't think they have that type of patients yet.
backunder arm still need to finishfront


  1. That is so impressive and breathtaking! Beautiful work!

  2. This bolero is beautiful...what a masterpiece!
    I appreciate that you continually produce such eye catching pieces. Every time I come here I have a feast. Thank you Sunshine! ^__^


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