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Friday, January 09, 2009

In the news

So there is this newspaper in the UK called the Guardian I don't know much (actually I don't know anything about this paper other than it is in the UK) I actually have heard from my spouse that their point of view is quiet different than mine and I probably wouldn't agree with most of what they post but who can go wrong with Christmas crafts. They wanted to have my embroidered ornament as one of the features in their Christmas newspaper insert and I let them. They modified it by adding their own pictures and changing a few words but it is still my tutorial in the paper( no money for it always happens that way). So how does a girl that lives in Utah get in a UK newspaper I guess my blog and flickr have to do with that an an email I answered saying yes followed by many more asking and answering questions.
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  1. Congratulations!!!! This might lead to some commission work for you!!, which can always be a plus.

  2. Congratulations!! You just never know where this might lead to.

  3. Good on you. Just goes to show that you don't know who is look at our blogs. Nice of them to tell you that they were using it.

  4. well done, you're acquiring world wide fame! :)
    that's the beauty of arts and crafts, they transcend more than simply geographic boundaries.

    - i'm a guardian reader, when i'm in the UK ;)

  5. Congratulations on being published in the UK. I find the Guardian quite irritating in their P.O.V., but I'm glad for your opportunity.

  6. Hi Sunshine, I'm writing from London - I was going to write about your Guardian article & say I hope it brings you some business but then I saw about your stepdad, I really hope things are going ok - wishing him better. I've been a fan of your site for a while, it really cheers me up in the dark winter months here - I've just finished an afghan based on your reverse engineered one, (it took me a year so I'm in awe) & by fluke also just filed away that article to make maybe next Christmas. I only realised the Guardian thing was you when I went to your site check how to finish my blanket. Well done - I'd be really honoured to be in that paper. I'm a bit shocked they didn't pay you - it's a pretty big paper here, my local sells a stack about 1m high every saturday, & i don't know anyone who doesn't read it. Well I hope that helps you feel honoured & appreciated, & keep crafting.
    Best wishes Bluehat

  7. I would love to see your finished afghan if you have a chance please send me a photo my email is on the right side bar. Thank you for your kind words too.

    Take care


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