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Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Look at Christmas

I looked at this tree a lot while over Christmas vacation and all of it's kissing balls lovingly made by my grandmother for all her family and friends. All the work that goes into making these for a woman of 94 years on oxygen -- wow, lots of love! This isn't even 1/3 of what she made; I took the photo after Christmas when everyone had already grabbed their new one.
tree with kissing balls made by Vavo
This was kind of a unique Christmas for my family. We did go to California although, from a blog point of view, my readers would never have known it because I had the blog on auto publish. Meaning I typed up some things for the holidays well in advance and on the corresponding day they published.

But as for my trip, it was fairly smooth other than we had some major things happen that tilted the family, ie: two deaths three days before Christmas, and a cousin paralyzed also three days before Christmas. None of these events happened together, but all on the same day. My cousin is a young mother; long story short, her little girl needs her mommy to walk and help pay the bills. My cousin is a nurse in a prison and got hurt while trying to rescue another nurse (who just happened to be pregnant, meaning more weight than a normal person, and my cousin is petite). During a prison riot she was in a golf cart trying to pull the other woman into it to get to safety, and she, my cousin, got pulled out and hit the ground got hurt. Now she is in a lot of pain and can't walk; any prayers for her would be greatly appreciated.
Santa Lucia and baby Jesus and nativity
While at my Vavo's home we sat by the phone for any news; I spent a lot of time looking at these items since they are in that room. This may sound strange, but I am glad it was Christmas; it just put an entirely different spin on things. The family was already gathering to be together, so we all got to strengthen each other and had the time to do it, too.
The pictures in this post are from my Vavo's parlor in her home, the home I grew up in and will always think of as home and comfort. The cherubs are up all year. Peace be with you.


  1. Those kissing balls are wonderful treasures! Your Grandmother is very talented. Thanks for sharing your Christmas. It was very prepared of you to have the blogposts auto-published.

  2. Wow Sunshine! What terribly sad events. I cannot imagine what pain you are going through.
    My daughter-in-law got hit by a piece of debris that bounced off a truck in front of her on the interstate just before Christmas one year. It was a blessing, because my son had the days off. He spent the time by her side, her mom drove down to watch the kids. I flew in the 2nd of January and stayed 2 weeks.
    But in my case she didn't suffer any side effects and is fine all these years later.
    May the Comforter be with you at this time and always.
    God Bless


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