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Monday, January 12, 2009

Pj's for two

handmade and refashioned pj's
My oldest two daughters have out grown all their PJ's, and the youngest has received them all. So I needed to make two sets of PJ's, but I am trying not to spend too much money on things like this. This is a sort-of-late Christmas present to them. So I went to my fabric stash and found I owned one piece of flannel; shocking since I don't buy flannel. Then I remembered it was a gift about five years ago, just happened to have monkeys wearing Christmas hats and red and silver snowflakes, fitting for a late Christmas present.

I could either make one outfit with pants and a shirt or I could make two sets by just using the flannel for the pants and asking the girls to find comfortable cotton shirts they already owned and put a pocket on them so it would match. I figured the second was the best solution, so Sunday morning I got up at my normal time (between four and five a.m.) and set to work on this project. By church at nine a.m. I had one completely made and the second all cut out and ready to go when I got home.

I only had one pattern for PJ's, and my oldest two daughters had both out grown it, so much of the time was spent re-drafting the pattern to fit them. I think they came out pretty well without having to go to the store for any of it. I purposely made them extra long (they are cuffed it's hard to tell in photo) and a little loose in the waist so they could wear them a few years by dropping the cuff later.

Don't think the youngest was left out she was happy to have all the left over scraps so she could sew her dolls some clothes, so they all got something they wanted.

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  1. Annemarie! I am so happy to meet you through your comments on my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my stories. I am having 2 giveaways in February. Pink houses with white birds, and 2 pegdolls with Valentines. Not many people read my blog; so the chance to win is always good! Your PJ's and daughters are so very cute! I have pictures of my children on the stairs at Christmas right up to this year - and they are in their 20's! Elizabeth


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