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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pirate Frocks

IMG_2858IMG_2856I was reading the pattern I was supposed to use for the current play Les Miserables.  But upon reading it I did not trust the pattern.  The instructions were terrible to read/follow and the markings are missing from the pattern pieces.  If a person is not use to sewing lots of different items I would not recommend this pattern.
So instead of starting right in on the fabric for the play I wanted to test out the two sizes I would needed to make in my own fabric.  This is fabric I had on hand.  So I just used what I had as I did not want the test to cost me anything just wanted to try with what I had.  When I looked at my fabrics I know my kids like to play dress up for talk like a pirate day so I thought I would make mine look pirate esc.

IMG_2862IMG_2864So I traced the patterns on Sunday.  Then on Monday I made the faux leather one for an experiment.  I had my husband try on the faux leather one and it was way too small for him he should have been able to wear it.  The pattern runs two sizes too small.  The buttons on the faux leather one are a mixture of buttons I have collected over the years they are all mismatched but all look like leather knots. Some came from my mother-in-law some from my Vova some from other relatives.  I wanted it to look old and that things had been replaced and damaged from the sea.  So this is what I did.  Originally this fabric was going to be for a steam punk outfit but that never happened.  Because the pattern ran small it does not fit my husband with a 44 inch chest it will fit a chest of 40-42 so it is for sale in my etsy shop if any on eis interested in the faux Leather frock coat.

IMG_2853IMG_2852The red one I cut Monday night and and sewed Tuesday morning.  When I was making the red one it was to fit someone 4 inches bigger in the chest than me.  But it ended up  fitting me and not the young man that is four inches larger in the chest.  So this just would not work.

The red fabric was bought on clearance long ago and the green liner was a thrift shop find.

IMG_2859IMG_2854We did a rush fitting so see where things stood so I could cut into the plays fabric as I was worried before if I cut into I , it would be a wasted.  As I wanted to get started soon but after the fitting it was decided by the head costumer to do something else for them as neither of us trusted the pattern plus it has some weird details like a fly flap on the back near the vents.

So I am not making the three jackets I thought I would but I will help with fittings which still excites me.  So I am now altering dressing and finishing pieces and so on.  Below is what the fabric was to look like I was to use but since it is not happening now I do not mind showing.  If I was still making it I would not have made this post till after the play was going.  I loved the color choices and the button choices.  But I am sure the head costumer will use them for some other beautiful project.

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