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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Shakespeare hats

IMG_2807IMG_2791Four hats for Shakespeare  week at my kids school that have been in a state of half done for 2 to 3  years now (three since April of 2012).  I am trying to go through my sewing area and get some half done projects finished there are few corsets from plays that never got done, a shirt, a dress these hats and many other things like half knitted projects.

IMG_2790The pink and blue sequined ones were started when my oldest was a narrator in the school play they had been meant for that year I made two that year to be used A white one and a golden one.  I was working on a blue and a pink one too.
IMG_2805Originally all four narrators were going to wear them but only my daughter wanted to so I stopped on the others.  I continued to make the golden one as the lead wanted to wear it and she was a very nice girl so I was happy to do it for her.  So these ended up spares so they did not need to be finished that is always a bad thing to tell myself as this is what happens.

If you look at the picture a few down and see the back of two narrators.  You will notice a narrator in sort of a hot pink purple color that is who was to wear the pink one .  My daughter who you also see in that photo was to wear the blue one the green narrator was going to get the golden on e and the other pinkish narrator was to get the white one.  As you can see none of that idea worked out as planned.  The person you see in the below photo wearing the golden beaded hat was actually the lead female in the play.

My daughter wearing the blue and pink hats in these photos is the daughter that was the one that was in the play these were to worn in.  I finished those two hats yesterday just did not have a child to use as a manquin at the time to take photos with.

 I made the two jacket corsets you see below in the next photo.  I actually made four of them that year as I wanted all the narrators to match and the costumes they had were pretty shot so I made new ones. The school has not budget for costumes as it is a private school and funds are tight so I made these costumes with my own money and the school uses them every now and again.  My kids wear them all the time.
IMG_2793The pale pink one ( see first photo)was also started that year but it was for one of my other daughters to wear during the week long festivities where they got to wear costumes each day.  There is a new school rule only one day this year of the students wearing costumes makes me sad.  This was the most favorite week for my kids at school.  The pale pink one is being needle woven to fill the spaces between the store bought pink braid.  I had a little bit of this pale pink braid left and thought this might be a good way to use it up.  Little did I know it would still be on the foam head 2 years later.

The white one I know I started latter but for the life of me I can not remember when I think it was the next year.  The white one below was meant to be more of snood style cap not a Juliet style cap like the others.  The white and pale pink are still not done but hopefully soon to be.

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