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Monday, June 28, 2010

Part 1: 1940s baby dress pink/blue details


We have been gone for a while at two different family reunions.  I have seen more of the inside of a car than I care to think about lately.  At the last one some items were found that belonged to my mother-in-law when she was a baby.  There was 3 dresses and 3 slips.  I am repairing these and cleaning them so my children can have them and enjoy them too when they grow up and have kids of their own. Till then they are in my collection and I get to enjoy looking at them hanging in my sewing room. I have already cleaned them and sewed on antique mother of pearl buttons when I realized I had not taken photos yet.  So this is already into the repair process.  I will not be showing how to do repairs just the before and after photos as I didn't take any during the repairs.  Which I am almost done with now.  I also plan to sit down when I am done and make copies of these.  Might be fun to make patterns to sell from these if people are interested.  I will post one item a day except the last day.  So this will take 5 days to get through all of these.  I will in time show the copies I will make.  But I haven't even started that yet.
yet more sleeve damage

more sleeve damage
damaged sleeve
The sleeves on this dress are almost not on this dress anymore.  They had so many busted seams.  The good thing is that it is just thread damage meaning the fabric was fine.  So easy to fix.

This is the detail of the collar and the yoke embroidery.  The stain on the pin tucks didn't want to come out.  So it will stay of course.  All the embroidery on these dresses is hand done not machine made.  It is also executed very well.
yoke and collar
The collar is detailing from the garment as well.  I think the little tag someone put in is cute.
damaged collar
As I said I have already replaced the buttons on these because only one dress still had an original button all the rest had lost theirs.  So this does show the start of the repair on the button placket.  As you can see it is torn at the bottom of the placket which is an easy fix as well.  There is more damage than these photos show but you get the idea.
button closure and tear

1 comment:

  1. What an amazing little dress, so love the embroidery. Even more, love the fact that you are preserving it


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