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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

pattern 3 and 4 from 111 easy edgings

I started this one yesterday while I was in meetings at my kids school, getting ready for the new year. In the break times, I worked on this lace. I have lots of this thread; it was a real big ball, so it will be fun to see how long this one gets. Also, on a side note, I am doing all of these laces in roughly size 10 thread and a size 6 hook so I can compare their finished sizes. It's always hard to see in a book how big or little they are in relation to each other.
lace number 3 pineapple
I also started and finished edging four. I used an antique pearl cotton for it that only had 65 yards on a ball, so I got about 2 feet of lace. That much lace is still useful for aprons and crazy quilts and things of that sort.
lace number 4 in antique pearl cotton
vintage thread size 5 pearl cotton
Even though I will be working on number 3 for a while, I may start number 5 today, as well, to give me lots of stuff to work on in the car.


  1. I gotta say, you totally blow my mind! I love to crochet, been doing it for 20+years but I rarely do anything in crochet thread.

    The other day after seeing your beautiful edgings and poppolina's baby wedding jacket I tried to work some 6stranded floss and a 2mm hook and had fits trying to work it.

    How do you do such great work on such tiny thread and hooks???


  2. just takes practice. don't use stranded embroidery thread to start with you will split the threads start off with size 5 of knit cro-sheen or size 10 crochet thread it will work better also use a size 6 to 4 steel hook. It will be a little easier

  3. Your green lace is so beautiful. I would love to give this a try.


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