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Friday, August 01, 2008

Making Commuter Crochet Lace Again

a little over 1 1/2 yards and more to go
So both my wrists are doing much better. The last two days I went to work without two arm braces on. Cross my fingers it stays that way. So I have gotten back into my commute of crocheting while my husband drives. I have about 1 1/3 yards made of this lace.
It drove me crazy for the last few weeks to do almost nothing but work. If I did more than that I was in such pain that I couldn't even cut my own dinner (aren't husbands great -- they help out when in need) but it sure made me feel like a little kid. Also no fun to wear arm braces at my husband's only brother's wedding. Definitely did not match my oriental silk satin Cheongsam. Mine is the same fabric and style as the one to the left, but the one I wore was white, and I wore a black skirt under it.


I have been asked by a few people what is this lace for and where did it come from. It is is from 111 easy edgings, pattern number 1. The use of it, that is funny -- I have no use for it. I just like making lace. When a use arrives, then I already have lace on hand to use. The book has 111 edgings, thus the name. In time, I want to make 1 of each for no other reason than to have lace on hand and to say to myself, "I did just that -- made 111 edgings!" Some are simple, some are fancy. I don't know if I will actually make all 111, but it might be fun to try; and if I never get it done, or I change my mind, then I still had fun making the ones I did, and I still have the lace to use.


  1. I like filet crochet lace. It seems to lay so nice still after it goes through the wash. What will you do with this?

    :-) Gina

  2. not sure just making a piece of lace from a book I have called 111 easy crochet edgings this is pattern number 1. I just want to make at least 1 sample of every lace in the book. No reason other than I want too.

  3. Beautiful lace - beautiful dress - everything you do is beautiful Sunshine!

  4. Beautiful lace. It reminds me of my Grandmother's dish cupboard. She had similar lace at the edge of each shelf. Hers was white, but the orchid color is beautifully delicate.

    I am glad that there is someone else that makes things 'just because they are pretty' and for no particular use.
    Keep making delightful things, I enjoy them all. ^__^

  5. Hi

    I like the lace. Do you have to block lace?


  6. Some people might say yes but I won't say yes to all uses. If I was making this as church lace something on and alter or something like that yes I would block it, but that would be done in a finner thread not size 10 also. But for every day items nope. I will wash it to make sure it won't shrink once it is on an item. But that is the extent of it.


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