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Saturday, August 11, 2007

E is for...

Excitement of a five year old. We, as most of you know, are working on decorating my five-year-old's bedroom, and a few people have sent gifts to help decorate it. Every time a box comes with a little butterfly, squeals of excitement ring through our home. We have a long way to go before the room is done because most of the things I am getting for it are being hand made and not store bought like the lady bug room was that is in our house. A lot of the gifts she has been given are store bought, so those she already gets to enjoy in her room. That is just great with me!

I am just curious; how long can a 5-year old stay excited over a half done room? I hope for a while anyway. This is my little butterfly girl wearing wings from Mommom over at MJF. Her favorite song to sit and play at the piano (kid playing, of course) is called, yep you guessed it, "Butterfly Girl," and yes, she is very happy to tell everyone she wrote it herself. It consists of her singing the words "Butterfly girl" over and over again as she hits keys on the upright for about 30 minuets. Then she goes around the house singing it for the next two or three hours; we are all so used to it we hardly notice it any more. When we do, we all usually end up in hysterical fits of laughter as the never ending song continues. So yes, we are encouraging this behavior by doing a butterfly girl bedroom. Why not? You are only young once, so you might as well have fun being young.


  1. I am sure she will love her room! I want to decorate my daughter room this week, I did not think of asking for help, good idea!

  2. I just love these butterflies. I remember making flowers using the same technique.

  3. How adorable! I love it! I have a pair of butterfly wings my grandma made me from when I was 6 or so... out of an old wire hanger, tissue paper and glitter. These sweet wings remind me of them.

  4. That is adorable! It could go with the Very Hungry Caterpillar book... turning into a butterfly... which you've thought of already I'm sure. :-)

  5. actually I had not yet thank you great idea she will love it.
    thanks for the idea


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