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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

B is for...

Box from Vavo.My Vavo has this habit of keeping a box under one of her china cupboards. As she gets things she thinks I might like she puts them in this box then mails it to me. She calls it her box of junk. So here is her junk today with lots of B words.

Upon opening the box I am greeted by this note:
"Sum my junk
This is what has been dropped
into the box up to date-
so to date today was the day to mail
hope those girls have fun
(cute furniture) found for $1.00

This arrived yesterday, Aug 7

The first thing I saw was this box. I know my grandmother well enough to know there wouldn't be any candy in it, just a box for me to decorate or keep things in. I opened the lid to reveal 3 little wood china cupboards. I love dolls and miniatures, so she knew we would like this at my house.

As you can see, she packs the box pretty full of stuff when she does this.

There where boxes of candles, cards, and watches. There where buckets made of tin that were full of balloons and a hand-painted wood block so I could finish spelling our family surname in blocks (she painted it for me special). There was even a bird house. You would think she had known I was going to start the ABC's when she mailed this.

The box just kept going: there were bottles, a bird broach, buttons, banner calenders (from my grandmother's old shop, her store name is on the bottom of it).

Even a walkie takie and another watch, lots and lots of stuff for the kids to play with.

As you can see there are green sling shot frogs and a cd to use for making yoyos, pinwheels, stickers, and lady bugs.

Lastly, an angel key ring and a bright pink bag.


  1. That is such a nice gift. I love getting things in the mail. I like your yo-yo project. Have fun with it.

  2. how very sweet...lots of cute goodies.


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