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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Etsy hair wraps (scarfs)

Four new hair wraps for etsy in three colors, burgundy, dusty pink, and rose (sort of mauvish).

They come in three different lengths:
  1. Short, 40 inches long
  2. Medium, 60 inches long
  3. Long, 80 inches long
These will be posted at Vintage Threads, Inc. on etsy within the next hour.

  1. They are all 1 1/4 inches wide
  2. Hand crocheted
  3. Made with vintage crochet thread (all the labels read boil fast not colorfast as people use to boil clothes to get them clean)
  4. Each comes on a card to keep neat while shipping and can be used to keep them pressed and neat looking when not in use.


    Good idea Sunshine, great way to use that beautiful lace you make, and the girls are doing a great job modeling for you!!.

  2. I wish I could say it was my idea but it was a customers idea and I rather like it.

  3. If only buying one of these would bring with it the ability to do my hair that way!

  4. it is easy to do ones hair like that. It is a tool that you insert into the hair. Then you roll the hair around it. It has two hooks at both ends of an stretched looking oval. That you hook together then done. ( I buy then at grocery stores)

    The other more traditional way is to make two pony tails and twist hair until it knots up on itself tuck end of pony tail in rubber band. tada now you know how if you could understand that.

  5. Hey gals. These are beautiful, sunshine. And I just HAD to tell you that I recently saw an article on lace in the Sept. issue of Country Living, and there was a photo of various types of lace and one is actually called SUNSHINE BORDER!!!! You're famous, and perhaps didn't realize it. I also thought of you, too, because you had said you love Halloween. I made some cool ghosts out of vintage white linen-cotton sheeting I found in France....actually found it in one of the closets! I had seen an idea for these ghosts in a French craft mag and decided I had to make them, they were so adorable. I was going to get Andre to take me to a fabric store but found this in the nick of time! I was going to try to sell them here but time has slipped by like lightning since I got back, so maybe I will try next year.

    Anyway, your lace is exquisite; keep inspiring us! Nance

  6. I have to agree with Susan. I looked at my grocery store and didn't see anything of the sort. I have two lovely daughters who would love to have ballerina-perfect hair. Unfortunately their mother is styling-inept. Could you tell me the name of the tool or even the company who makes them? Thanks so much.

  7. Ok I posted a picture on Dec 11 2006 post of what they look like and who makes them and a link to where to buy them. I hope this helps every one.
    take care Sunshine


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