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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beads for a wedding

My family has been helping my sister in law with some wedding stuff.

My daughter is helping her aunt with some special wedding items.  My sis-in-law had a necklace and only one earing that went with it, the other was lost long ago when mom was alive and owned the set.  This set was from my mother in law my sister in laws mom of course so it is sentimental and special to her since mom is in heaven watching over all of us.  So we wanted to do it and the people it represents honor and use it at the wedding... all of it.

My daughter cut apart the original earing before I could take a photo of it.  But I have this photo that my sister in law sent when we originally discussed this idea and it shows the necklace too she will be wearing at her wedding.

supplies used
  • seed beads
    • gold 
    • off white silver lined
  •  bugle beads
    • curved gold arched metal
    • glass cut glass-gold
  • mother of pearl
  • 2 hair combs
  • 2 clip on ear-ring backs
  • 1 steam of rhinestones found in wedding area of hobby lobby we cut it apart for parts
  • gold wire
  • beading tools... wire cutters needle nose pliers and so on
  • silk florist corsage leaves
  • wood skewer for final flower made
  • floral tape
  •  jump rings
  • beads from the one original ear-ring 9 discs one roundish central bead

So my middle daughter Azure set to work dismantling the one earing so she could make a set of ear-rings two hair pieces and with the left over three pieces from the earring she made a flower her aunt could keep as a memento.

My daughter made two hair combs one with some of the original beads for the central flower and then she made a second comb that had no beads from the original hair clip but was a compliment to the first hair comb.

Next she made two ear-rings we still had to get earing clip backs when this photo was taken.  She made them into drops with the original beads as the dangle.  She could have made the ear-rings with two dangles each but it was starting to feel a little to big again so we opted for just one dangle hanging from a rhinestone.

After that there was three disk beads left and the central bead from the original earing so she made her aunt this flower to keep in vase so she could remember her wedding and her mother.

 These photos where taken when she was still making the hair piece originally it was a little larger and we made it smaller after her aunt saw these pictures as she doesn't want large things in her hair just small accents.  So these photos below are what is left of the original work before she and I dismantled it.

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