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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mom's tan cream and blue dress

Some of these dresses I will repair some I am not sure I will yet and some are sort of unrepairable moth holes.  Also some of the dresses have labels but some of the labels look like labels local seamstresses would have used.

    This dress looks hand made but has a tag that read lot     size 13.    So not exactly sure if store bought or hand made I lean towards hand made.
weird tag
Measurements of this dress
Chest 34
Waist 25 1/2
neck to hem 39 inches

other side seem splittingside seam splitingThe side seams are splitting but they look like they have been repaired before and are blowing out again.  I think a repair may make it a smaller in the waist but as it is it can not be worn so a repair is needed to use this.  So I will be doing that so the waist size may end up more around 25 istead of about 25 and a half.

There are some previous repairs on this but they look more like mistakes when the item was made than actual repairs more like fixed mistakes.
tears near seam that have been repaired once before
stains on front of dressThere are also some stains on this dress which I will leave the first person who wants to wear it will need to take it to the dry cleaners first to get the old stains out.  They are hard to see in the photo but they are located on the center front of the skirt section of the dress.

hook and eye and zipperThe hook has a thread eye on the dress looks like it will wear out soon but not yet.  Weird that such a bright blue was used.

This is what the seams look like inside the dress.  Sort of worry some as none are enclosed and lots are very raw which means they can fray easy.  This dress is made out of taffeta.  These seams are why it looks hand made to me even though it has a tag.  Also these are the seams that already have issues.inside seams

zipper and inside seams
This is the original photo you all saw so you know which dress this is.  Photos above are more true to life.
blue tan and cream dress


  1. Your Mum had extremely good taste. These dresses are gorgeous.

  2. thanks she was an amazing lady and I miss her tons


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