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Friday, February 24, 2012

Levis and lace finished

full back
I have finished the Levi and lace project I really should work on it some more as the collar is falling apart too.  Which you can see in the photos but one thing at a time.  Here are a few more photos for you to see how it looked when completed.
My daughters want me to do the same to my other two jackets that have holes in them maybe, not sure yet.  If I do they will be different colors like a white crochet area or a black crochet area.  This is a mix of Irish crochet Romanian point lace and Russian crochet.  Also you may noticed I changed the right shoulder a lot from yesterday.
right shoulderleft shoulderleft shoulder
I decided to work on the collar after all. I think I am just going to edge it with Romanian cord, trim off all the treads and then make a simple plain knitted piece (size 10 crochet thread)  to cover the worn out place. As it is only worn on the side next to the body the back of the collar is perfectly fine and no holes at all.  So it will still have the two layers of jean just one will be encased inside the jean back and the knitted front.  I will show later when I get it done.  It will take a few days to knit size 10 thread to the 17 inches i need.


  1. it is really beautiful and inspiring! I can't wait to see the other jackets!

  2. I saw you on craft gossip and love it! This is inspiring! Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Just stunning! Beautiful soft accents against the denim.

  4. I love it! (and thanks to you I started RPL)

  5. thank you every one I will have another update on this sometime next week when I get the collar part knitted.

    Corina thanks for that I am always glad to know when I helped someone learn a new skill.

  6. Wow! I loved it! Congratulations this crochet work is very very beautiful!!!:-)))

  7. So beautiful and so creative!!! Well done

  8. Do you make any with top shoulder and top back black lace?
    Pls email me at dana6672@hotmail.com


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