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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update on Red and Black sweater


I have figured out a few things on this sweater as I have gone along.  I learned that when doing a button band it is all important to cast on about 25% less than the number of rows already there.
left side 
I also learned how to make a yarn go back and for the in the middle of the row by locking the threads around each other when swapping colors ( color change). OK these things seam self explanatory but if you have never drafted your own pattern like this well not so much so it was a learning experience I am still working on it.  
I realized I have a skein that is a different dye lot in number hoping it won't be a big deal.  I am waiting to use it last and I am going to try and use it for the flap on the back if I don't have to see it it won't both me so much and I am definitely not looking at my back side all the time so that would be the best spot for me I would see my sleeves so that won't work for me there plus I think it will be less noticeable to other people as well on my back side.  We will see if it is too much I may do some redrafting of the back side like make it all black seed stitch for the flap.  The reds do look real close in skein form so I am hoping that it won't show either way. 
right side 
I am doing the sleeves first now.  I plan on doing the seed stitch for the bottom half of so of the sleeve and the fold it up on it self or leave down I like it both ways.  I think over all this is coming out pretty good for making it on the fly.  For me on the fly means 90% of it is figured out in my head and I just have to make it look like what I see in my head.  The sweater isn't crooked bye the way I just didn't put it on the mannequin all that neatly
front flap
Update: I found a ball of yarn that rolled under my couch same dye lot. Happy Day!!!! I may still be able to make this look like the image in my head.

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