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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


progress on back of jacket
I can knit some but I do not call myself a knitter I can knit basic scarfs and hats but nothing real difficult. My oldest daughter wants to learn to knit. So it has become my job to figure this out on my own so I can show her what to do. I am curious how many people out there learn a skill just because someone else they know wants to learn it and you are the person they have chosen to teach them. I think she is going to ask one of her aunts to help her too, that aunt already knits. So between the two of us helping her this should work.

Yesterday I set to work re-teaching my self. The reason I say re-teaching as I did knit when I was a child and could read patterns but I only did that from the time I was 4 to 6years old. I made doll clothes and things of that sort. But lord only knows what happen to all those things I made. Plus I have forgot pretty much all of it except what a knit stitch is and how to cast on in two ways. I had to relearn yesterday how to pearl.

I gave it a whirl yesterday in an hour and 1/2this is what I came up with. Yes it is from a pattern I figured that best, that way I can see how patterns are written again and learn to follow them so I can teach her.

This is the start of a little baby jacket. I will probably make a few of these so I can get my tension figured out which shouldn't be too hard has I know tensioning for tatting, crochet, and bobbin lace can't be too hard or different than those type of things. I am using medium weight yarn ( 4) worsted weight, size 6 needles. I only have a partial skein of this yarn, the pattern calls for a skein but ranges in size from 9 months to 24 months so I don't know how much the smallest size will actually use. I am using this on purpose I am hoping this will force me to learn how to add yarn to a project so the yoke and or sleeves will probably be a different color. I plan on this they will be a different color than the back and lower front which is what I am currently working on. This color is cameo rose I will probably have the other color be a berry color. I have this habit of changing patterns even if I don't know the techniques well. I do this on purpose that way I can learn new things and challenge myself.

This is supposed to fit a 9 month old baby. I have a neighbor who has a 7 month old so when done I hope to try it on that baby to see if it all worked out correctly (haven't asked permission yet on that). But she won't mind I don't think and if I give it to her ( if it comes out well) I figure there will be even less protest have to see if I want to part with it as it is the first in knitting in 30 plus years that I would actually call knitting not just me playing with the needles.

My daughter and I plan on learning more over the Christmas holiday. I so want to knit socks, real cool ones that go above the knee and are tied with satin ribbons sort of 1910 in style. So for those readers of mine that actually call themselves knitters any tips or hints would be appreciated and what do you think of this so far for 1 1/2 hours. It is 80 stitches wide and about 4 inches long with a knit every row edge for the first few rows and stockinet stitch the rest of the way so far.

In case you are wondering the big order is done and shipped as of yesterday. Sorry couldn't post pictures as the people receiving the items see this blog and that would break the surprise now wouldn't it. So when they have all received their items and the person who ordered the items gives me the ok I will post what I made for that order.


  1. Your tension is lovely and even, better than mine and I've been knitting for almost 35 years, lol.

    Now as long as it matches the gauge in the pattern you're all set, I think :)

  2. I'm also re-learning to knit to teach my oldest daughter. Wish my results were as good as yours, though. :)


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