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Monday, August 31, 2009

Beaded crocheted Juliet cap

juliet cap whole flatJuliet cap flat close up
My children have a Shakespeare week near the end of the year at their school. For an entire week they get to dress up in Shakespearean costumes. I few days ago while thrifting I found some beads with a ton of sequins. My children and I pulled out all the beads and set them on a string to tie them and keep them from getting lost. But once they where on the string I decided not to tie them up for safety but to make a Juliet cap for them to wear at the end of the year.
juliet cap on head form
I crocheted till the beads ran out (not able to make a complete round that is) there is a bead for every chain stitch in the cap and the remaining ones ( the ones that wouldn't make a complete round) are scattered on the caps edge. It actually ended up a nice size for them to wear. I don't have a child with her hair fixed correctly at the moment to show you. It is held on the head with Bobbie pins that is why I have a wide crochet edge so it can be pinned to. I will post a photo later on one of my kids so you can see how it is on a real person. So in supplies it cost me 50 cents but two days of time to sort and crochet. Beads usually cost a ton to buy so that was nice to get them so cheep that probably wont happen again if I wanted to make this hat again it would be around 60 dollars in supplies alone. There is not a pattern I made it up as I went along.
close up Juliet cap flat
Juliet cap


  1. Hi, I do a lot of beading and it looks like you used size 8 beads. The bead shop I frequent sells them for $5 / medium container. I think 1.5 of that size container would do to make your cap.

    If beads are terribly expensive in your area, maybe we could set up a way to get me to get you beads you'd like.

    I <3 beads!

    Beautiful cap btw.

  2. the reason it would be so much is I would use garnets and pearls if i made it again but for myself. As for a kid I would use cheep beads as it would get lost.

  3. it would be stunning with garnets and pearls!


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